Fighting summer boredom


Poking my lobster-red shoulder and watching it turn white and back to red, I realize that summer, with its long days and high UV index, has arrived and is in full swing.

The first few weeks of summer seem to fly by. After all, school is out and there are so many things to do. However, if you don't have something to fill those summer days, boredom can quickly set in.

Pulse writers recently spoke with teens at the Valley Mall food court about their summer plans and activities. Area teens and visitors seem to have plenty of plans and ideas for fighting boredom.

Chris Wolfensburg, a 15-year-old sophomore at South Hagers-town High School, said he hopes to get in a lot of skateboarding before traveling to Germany to visit family.


Amber Young, 15, will be a sophomore at Bermudian Springs High School in York Springs, Pa.

"I've been going swimming, hanging out with friends, and baby-sitting," she said.

But summer can be expensive. Going to movies, taking vacations and filling up the gas tank all adds up. Many teens opt to get a summer job to pay for all the things they want to do, especially if mom and dad have decided to be less liberal when it comes to handing over pocket money.

Erin Meyer and Samantha Chapman are both 15-year-old sophomores at South Hagerstown High School. Both work as pool attendants at Potterfield Pool in Hagerstown. One part of their job: They're the ones who get to yell at kids for running around the pool. Both girls are just hanging out in their free time.

So enjoy summer vacation. Find some sort of activity or hobby to keep you busy. Or, um, there's always that summer reading assignment for school.

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