Town of Bath briefs

July 03, 2007|By TRISH RUDDER

Town considering higher garbage fees

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - Bath Town Councilman David Crosby, who chairs the finance committee, said the Council needs to discuss raising the garbage fees at least 3 percent a year to pay for a needed working garbage truck.

Councilman Kenny Easton said he did not want to get into the same situation as when the town waited too long to raise rates and had to increase them substantially instead of in small increments.

New councilman Scott Merki said he wanted the council to study it before making a decision to raise the garbage fees. He said many of the town residents are older and are on fixed incomes and would have trouble paying the increase.

The current garbage rate for residents is $57 per quarter, which includes a $12 street fee and a $9 public safety fee. The current commercial rate with one pickup a week is $60 per quarter, which includes a $24 street fee and a $24 public safety fee.


Arrests in town are up over last year

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. Bath Police Chief James Minton said 85 arrests were made between January and June and are "substantially higher" over the same period last year.

Minton said a lot are drug related, and more enforcement is the reason for the increase. Minton joined the police department in January.

The Town of Bath is the local government inside Berkeley Springs.

Committees assigned to new town council

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. The first order of business for the new Bath Town Council was the assignment of committees, Mayor Susan J. Webster said at Monday night's meeting.

All members are assigned to three committees and they each chair one committee, she said. Newly elected councilman Scott Merki will chair the cemetery committee and will work with council members Kenny Easton and Nancy Harvey.

Harvey will chair the ordinance committee and will work with councilmen Dale Lutman and David Crosby.

Water Works will be chaired by Webster, and Crosby and councilwoman Garnet Marsh are committee members. Webster is the Berkeley Springs Water Works CEO.

Easton heads up Public Works and will work with Lutman and Merki.

Public Safety will be chaired by Lutman, who will work with Webster, who is the Bath Police commissioner, and Easton.

Crosby is the finance chairman and will work with Marsh and Webster. Webster is the CEO for the town.

Marsh will head up the grant committee and work with Harvey and Merki.

K9 Butch to get fenced yard

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. Mayor Susan Webster said K9 Butch, the Bath Police Department dog, needs a place to exercise outside, and the police department wants to put a run in the yard behind Town Hall.

Resident Rebecca Mallory told the Bath Town Council at Monday's meeting that she saw K9 Butch without a leash on Wilkes Street and was concerned about it, since she was walking her two dogs on the street.

Mallory lives on Wilkes Street close to the town hall.

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