Police overtime, bonus approved by Greencastle Council

July 03, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The Greencastle Borough Council voted Monday to increase overtime hours for the Greencastle Police department in July and August, offer a sign-on bonus to new employees of the department and require that applicants be Act 120 certified.

The resolution came in the wake of the department losing a part-time officer and the borough having three upcoming events that will require police presence.

The three events are the sidewalk sale, the firemen's carnival and Greencastle-Antrim Old Home Week.

Initially, Paul Schemel, vice president of the council, suggested authorizing 20 hours overtime per week for the police department during July and August because he said "that would give the chief some discretion to have more beefed-up presence in those events."

Greencastle Mayor Robert Eberly asked if it would be better to have more overtime during old home week.

"What the mayor is saying is to consider changing the motion from a monthly amount to a weekly amount," said Council President Charles Eckstine.


Councilman Gerald Pool voted to amend the original motion to allow for 80 hours of overtime per month in July and August. Councilman Harold Foley seconded the motion.

Schemel asked the council to decide whether advertising for police officers should be geared toward candidates who are Act 120 certified (certification to be a police officer in Pennsylvania) or those who are not upon applying for a position in the department. The department could pay for those hired to get Act 120 certification, Schemel said.

Schemel said the problem with the police department paying for this certification is that "If you put them in the police academy and they leave, (the department) needs reimbursement (and it takes) six months in the academy before we can get police on the ground."

Schemel motioned that the council ask the civil service commission to advertise for the police department positions and that they offer a $5,000 sign-up bonus to an Act 120 certified candidate.

The council unanimously accepted the motion.

Councilman Christopher Grimm suggested the amount of the sign-up bonus because he said the money should cover the cost of relocation as well as additional spending money.

The council also accepted the motion that the sign-on bonus would be paid upfront and would be pro-rated so that an individual would have to repay the money if he or she left before the end of the service agreement.

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