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July 02, 2007

Last week's question:

What is your best vacation memory? Did you have a good time because of the money you spent or because of the people you spent your vacation with?

Definitely the people. My favorite vaction was camping. We spent little money, but had a ball!

My best vacation was also camping looking for BIG FOOT. We smelled him but never saw him. I hear he lives near Hagerstown now. He also has been spotted at the new hospital location. I think he's irritated that someone wants to take away his habitat.

I have literally spent vacations in really nice resorts and had no fun at all, because the people I was with were total stick-in-the muds. On the other hand, some of the best times I've ever had on vacation have been staying in cheap places and just having a whole lot of fun. Money can't make a vacation fun. You could be in Disneyworld, but if you're there with people you can't stand, it's going to be bad.


Philmont Scout Ranch 1971, OCS Fort Benning 1987.

I had a great time. We picked ticks off the monkeys at the Baltimore Zoo.

My favorite memories involve special people. Performing at Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach with 30-plus singers and musicians in a group called Friends & Spirit. With the ocean waves in the background, we'd do 90-minute shows for the whole family and we had even more fun than the audience. Oh, to be young again!

I would have to say my summers in Maine. We stayed on the ocean in a cabin - fishing, catching lobsters, meeting interesting people from New York and Massaachusetts and the bonfires at night. There were seven cabins, I believe and the atmosphere for sure was special, but also the people. Money was no object in those days.

The best vacation memories I have are always of weeks spent at the Maryland shore with my family. My dad would always play in the surf with us and my Mom would lay on the beach and build sand castles.

We'd go crabbing and fishing and out to eat and walk the famous Ocean City boards. We still do this today, only now with my daughter and my brother's sons. My parents still go along and it is a fun-filled family vacation.

I remember these vacations from when I was little as the best times of my life and hopefully our kids will remember them in the same way.

Wow, my best vacation memory... has to be New Orleans, pre-Katrina. There is a real truth to Southern hospitality. I remember strangers inviting me into their homes for meals and drinks.... also hanging out at the laundry/bar at 5 a.m. and playing pool with the bartender. What a great town!

Woodstock 99 - despite the bad press. I have never experienced such a surreal experience. The music, the people, and the memories... not everyone was mugged or looted.

This week's question:

Wednesday, July 4, is Independence Day, a holiday on which we remember the sacrifices made for our freedom. What's the most patriotic act you've ever witnessed?

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