July 01, 2007

Every year, the Washington County Commission on Aging hosts a Volunteer Recognition Day to thank the many seniors who volunteer at the seven Senior Sites.

At the Smithsburg Senior Site, Blue Mountain Estates, a framed certificate was given in special recognition to four volunteers for going above and beyond in volunteering. While the site manager was out on extended medical leave, they covered the site.

A total of 65 volunteers from all seven senior sites were recognized. Certificates of appreciation and a thank-you gift were presented to all the volunteers. Each site did something special for their volunteers, including cake and ice cream.

The following senior volunteers were recognized.

Francis Murphy Senior Site - Bill Beall, Donna Furry, Rosetta Gorman, Mildred Keadle, Helen Myers, Steve Oakland, Florence Semler, Kay Shank.


Hancock Senior Site - Charlotte Bartles, Sylvia Crabtree, Shirley Divelbliss, Adele Douglas, Calvin Eddy, Irene Kerns, Dorothy Smith, Glee Snyder.

Potomac Towers Senior Site - Elizabeth Connolly, Janet Cosgrove, Patty Countryman, Raymond Crampton, Helen Edwards, Julie Ferron, Betty Fletcher, Barbara Hare, Argie Harris, Gary Hay, Mary Jane Henson, Flo Miles, Mary Moats, Mary Moore, Johnnie Pinkney, John Ridenour, Jerome Shird, David Thatcher, Larry Welch.

Smithsburg Senior Site - Cynthia Atherton, Ellen Bowman, Barbara Bricker, Carmen Callamari, Harold Eshelman, Margaret Gilroy, Hazel Henson, Emma Johnson, Kathleen Minnick, Mary Plume.

Southeastern Senior Site - Jennings Bailey, Annadean Criswell, Mabeletta Criswell, Christopher Fisher, Robert Link, Fred Mongan.

Walnut Towers Senior Site - Gwen Bartles, Lucille Eckard, Glen Elbin, Leona Elliott, Ana Gonzalez, Lorraine McDonald, John Wolff, Bobby Vanhoozer.

Williamsport Senior Site - Donald Atheton, Mary Charlton, Russ Fringer, Mary Myers, Diane Stone, Charles Zong.

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