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A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

June 28, 2007

"You really hit the ball on the head."

Too bad I missed the nail.

"With the increase of $7 million in their budget for 2008, of which $100 million goes to prepare kids to be productive members of society, I thought that was one of the main reasons kids went to school anyway."

Let's just hope there's a math class in there somewhere.

"Here we go again. To the person who circled the hospital and every single entrance to the hospital, employees were smoking. Get used to it. We're going to smoke. If you want us to or not, that's when we're going to smoke. So if you don't want to breathe smoke when you go into the hospital, hold your breath, or don't go." - Hagerstown

It sounds as if we'd be better off going to Joe's Bar & Grill for medical treatment.

"About the caller from Waynesboro that wants to put the blame for Clinton on everything in the world . . ."


Wouldn't Clinton's parents be the real ones to blame?

"I was wondering if anybody knew what they were doing with the roads actually on Northern Avenue, besides digging up a hole, covering it up, digging up the same hole, covering it up, for the last month." - Hagerstown

Nobody is born knowing how to dig holes. We've got to let them practice somewhere.

High five to this caller:

"Before the whining starts in Mail Call and the editor's column on the 7 percent pay raise agreement for the schoolteachers, I want to congratulate them.

"They deserve that - actually, they deserve about 25 percent. I know a lot of people begrudge them getting raises, but to really be honest, half of you people I wouldn't want to teach your kids and baby-sit your kids for a 50 percent raise a year.

"When they don't have any training at home, it makes the teacher's job a lot worse, and that's the case in a lot of instances."

- Sharpsburg

Follow-ups to recently asked questions:

"I was recently looking at our local TV Guide and noticed that Antietam Cable is the only cable provider that does not offer the Disney Channel. What is the problem? Enough with the excuses that it would cost the cable consumer more per month. They certainly did not survey me when they added the sports channels and my bill went up. In every other area, the Disney Channel is part of the regular cable lineup. Please, Antietam Cable, just suck it up and get the Disney Channel." - Hagerstown

I spoke with Cindy Garland, director of marketing at Antietam Cable. She explained that Antietam Cable is in negotiations with Disney to try to provide service that will be the most cost-effective for all Antietam Cable customers. Regarding the sports channels, Garland said the current service was provided in order to best serve Antietam Cable customers, and, if not for the current sports channel package, Antietam Cable would be unable to offer Orioles and Nationals baseball games.

"I think the City and the County Commissioners should get on CSX. Check the railroad tracks at Oak Hill Avenue, there by the printer's. Also at Itnyre Road and Md. 62. If that'd be county or city property, they'd be all over them to fix that. It's time CSX fixes our railroad tracks for drivers." - Leitersburg

I called CSX at 800-232-0144, option 3, and left a message reporting rough crossings at these locations. A representative named Bob called me back on June 13 and I gave him the information again. On June 20, I called again and spoke with Gina, who said she would tell Bob to call me immediately. As of June 27, I had not heard back from CSX.


"My concern is the travel homes that are parked along Potomac Avenue. Is that a problem for the residents there? Or perhaps is there an ordinance concerning travel homes parked along a busy street? Just a concern for the residents there." - Hagerstown

According to Hagerstown City Police, travel trailers and campers may be parked on city streets for no more than 24 hours.

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