Funkstown approves budget for fiscal year

June 27, 2007|By MARLO BARNHART

FUNKSTOWN - With no input from residents and only a few questions from Funkstown Town Council members, the fiscal year 2008 budget was approved Tuesday night at a special public meeting.

Town Clerk Brenda Haynes distributed a revised copy of the budget that noted changes in the personal property figure - up $1,500 because of the actual assessment figures that were just received.

The revised budget also reflected the proposed increase in the garbage fee from $25 to $30 per quarter, beginning July 1 and showing up on October bills.

The budget lists total revenue for the coming year at $762,638 and expenditures at $634,138.

Haynes said a public hearing on the proposed increase in the garbage fees would be in July or August.

For fiscal year 2008, the budget shows $72,000 earmarked for garbage pickup, an increase of $10,000 for a full-year contract.

The town picks up 50 percent of the cost of garbage pickup while town residents pay $100 a year.


Before the special meeting was adjourned, Councilman Jerry Walker moved to spend $972 to upgrade the security system in Town Hall.

Councilwoman Sharon Chirgott seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

"Your safety is most important," Chirgott said, referring to the two town employees who occupy the office each day.

Haynes announced that there will be no spraying mosquitoes this year due to lack of personnel in the U.S. Department of Agriculture who usually do the spraying.

The next regular town meeting is Monday, July 9, at 7 p.m.

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