Canine lovers seek park where dogs can socialize

June 26, 2007|By DAN DEARTH

HAGERSTOWN - A group of dog lovers is looking for residents who are willing to help start a dog park in Hagerstown.

Rych Pullen, a member of the Hagerstown Area Dog Owners Group, said he wants members with fresh ideas that the group can use to gain support for the park from city and Washington County governments.

At this point, the site of the park hasn't been decided on, he said. Other cities, however, typically fence off an area at an existing park so dogs can roam.

"Our vision is to get the ball rolling in a year or two," Pullen said.

He said one of the key reasons for establishing the park was to create a place for dogs to socialize with other animals.


Studies show that improperly socialized dogs tend to be nuisance barkers and destroy property by digging, among other things, Pullen said. A dog park would allow dogs to interact and, in the process, teach them how to be polite to other dogs and humans.

In addition, he said a dog park would keep dogs from infringing on other park users, like children and joggers.

Because the dogs would be allowed to play off their leashes in the park, owners would be responsible for their pets, Pullen said. If a dog bit another animal, for example, the owner of the attacking dog would be held accountable.

Dog owners would be responsible for cleaning up after their pets, he said. Pets also would have to be inoculated, and would have to wear identification tags and licenses.

Pullen said people who violate the park's rules would lose their privileges.

To learn more, call Rych Pullen at 301-797-0029 or go to

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