Pulse poetry

'What Now?'

'What Now?'

June 26, 2007|By ADELINE CUMPATA

In the time of terror,
in the time of waning mists,
so slowly comprehension comes
when something goes amiss.

It is now as it was then,
when the world once began.
It came a fighting battle,
and so it will go the again.

Once it was wild men with stones
then men with swords, and women, too.
Now it's nuclear bombs and chemical weapons
that threaten me and you.

So barbaric did it start,
and it will end:
The spread of disease
and the slaying by one's hand.

Where has the peace gone,
or was it ever there?
We were once terrorised by the Spaniards, the English,
the French, the Russians. Oh!


And now we fear the brown men
from the lands of sand and sun.
They have come to our lands,
we think, to kill us one by one.

How much longer can we survive
in such a forbidding war?
Someone solemnly forgot,
we don't know who we're fighting anymore.

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