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June 25, 2007

Last week's question:

The Washington County Public School system is seeking a consultant to study the idea of using the old Allegheny Energy headquarters for offices or school space. Is that a good idea and if not, why not?

· Bad idea. Complete waste of money. Clearly our Washington County Commissioners with all of their great communicative relationships with the Hagerstown City Council, the Western Maryland delegation and the developers that they so despise, know that this is a terrible location for anything to serve the community after the hospital fiasco. It's surely already been decided a useless piece of isolated inaccessible land.

· A consultant, hmm, where can WCPS find a consultant good enough to advise our "above world-class" school system? Baltimore, I'll bet!


· That's where the new hospital should be built. The school board wastes enough money.

· I would not know how to answer this without some idea of the total space on Downsville Pike ... and doubt that many people have an accurate sense of how large that building is. I do know that the current WCBOE headquarters building is a disaster ... a maze of disjointed hallways and rooms.

· No, that's more money that could be used for teaching our children.

· I guess if the building is unavailable, it will let them off the hook for a hospital site. Interesting.

· Why is it that every time we turn around, someone's wanting to hit up the county residents for some kind of "study" by some "expert" or team of "experts" to take on some kind of overpriced project that's only going to rile people up?

Get me an "expert" worth the hundreds of thousands we pay and we'll talk about it. Otherwise, forget it.

· Yes, some of the buildings (including the central office) are in need of dire repair. Let's use one of the huge empty buildings sitting around for a purpose other than decay.

· Absolutely, anything's better than an old empty building.

· It makes absolute sense, which is why it will never happen in this county. We let vacant buildings go unused for years until they almost fall down. I reference the first Lowe's building on Maryland Avenue. Then they built a second one and finally a third. They are underused and underutilized.

· There has been so much wasted money in our government. The Allegheny Energy site wouldn't make the board any money...why buy it?

I'm sick of paying taxes for such stupid ideas. Maybe my family should become Amish. They don't pay taxes and they look out for one another.

· I honestly think people without children in public schools should not pay taxes. If they can't change that entirely, maybe they should change it to a tax credit.

· No way! Isn't that a no-brainer? Our government officials seem to sit back and ask themselves "How can we waste the public's money?" When is the public going to take a stand and not allow this foolish spending?

· We have kids and teachers sitting in classrooms with no air conditioning, not enough supplies, not enough teachers, overcrowding and then they come up with the idea of purchasing a building. What is up with that?

· Speaking of unused retail space, why can't they use the old Sears building at Long Meadow (across from the next Lowe's)? There's plenty of parking for central staff and all the buses and the roads there could easily handle the influx of additional traffic where Eastern and Northern and Potomac meet.

· Why can't the Washington County school system officials study this themselves?

· The cost of such a move is out of the question.

Save that money for the deadbeat parents who won`t buy school supplies for their kids.

· Save that area for the new hospital.

This week's question:

What is your best vacation memory you have a good time because of the money you spent or the people you spent your time off time with?

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