Scouts pitch in to clean up stream

June 24, 2007|by MARLO BARNHART

WILLIAMSPORT - There they were ... plain as day ... brazenly wading around in Springfield Run on Saturday morning - right in front of the sign that says "No One Permitted in Stream."

Brent Bailey, a member of the Boy Scout Troop 17 troop committee, told the waders just what he thought of their actions.

"Take advantage of it now," he said. "You won't be allowed to do it any other time."

What was happening was the cleanup of Springfield Run, which from time to time becomes clogged with excess growth of watercress and other greenery, Bailey said.

Word got around that volunteers were needed, and the troop members pledged to be there Saturday morning. The troop's meetinghouse is across from the stream in Byron Memorial Park.


The Scouts were joined by Williamsport Town Councilman Jeff Cline; Chris Grimes, who oversees the parks, grounds and buildings in the town; Kevin Spielman of Funkstown; Assistant Troop Leader Matt Bailey; and Carol Nase, a schoolteacher and wife of Troop 17 Scoutmaster Jay Nase.

Among the Scouts in attendance Saturday were Calum and Chris Lunsford, Zachary and Jeff Boger, Christopher Werder and Michael Werder (a Webelos 1).

"This is something at home to do," Brent Bailey said. "The boys are learning community spirit today."

The troop is sponsored by the United Methodist Men's Group.

Cline and Grimes said this was the first time the cleanup work was offered to volunteers. In the past, town employees performed the work and hauled the debris away in trucks.

Cline said Gerald Taylor & Co. Inc. recently donated a truck and time to clean the stretch of the stream behind Sheetz.

"Mr. Spielman saw the notice in the newspaper and decided he wanted to come help," Cline said.

Grimes said that town trucks will haul away what the Scouts and other volunteers pulled from the stream on Saturday. To keep up with the growth, cleanup is done three times a year, she said.

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