Council seat to be decided by coin flip in Bath

June 22, 2007|by TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - Town Council candidate Scott Merki will call either "heads" or "tails" while the coin is in the air Monday to determine the winner of the fifth Bath Town Council seat and break the tie between himself and candidate Dave Duncan.

The coin toss will take place at 9:30 a.m. at Town Hall on Wilkes Street.

The June 12 election votes were canvassed June 18, and the approved provisional ballots increased votes to 65 each for both candidates. Neither candidate requested a recount.

At Thursday's special meeting, the election results were certified. All the incumbents won seats: Mayor Susan J. Webster, Town Recorder Garnet Marsh, and four council members - David Crosby, Kenny Easton, Nancy Harvey and Dale Lutman.

Webster said, that according to state code, the council may decide how the tie will be broken - tossing a coin, picking a name out of a hat or drawing straws.


Both Merki and Duncan requested the coin toss method be used to break the tie.

Duncan, a former council member, requested that Bath police department secretary Barbara Cirigliano toss the coin, which the council approved.

Merki said if he does not win the coin flip, he will continue to support the town council and will run for election again in two years.

Duncan said if he does not win the seat, he will follow the town's decisions "and help wherever I can."

Merki gets to call the toss because his name was listed higher on the ballot than Duncan.

The Town of Bath is the local government within Berkeley Springs.

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