Hicks calls it in

June 22, 2007

Taylor Hicks called this one in ... literally.

In a telephone interview Wednesday from Iowa, where he was on tour, Hicks talked with Herald-Mail Lifestyle Reporter Julie Greene about life as an "American Idol" winner and his upcoming July 6 performance at The Maryland Theatre.

Approximately 150 tickets remain for the performance, said Brian Sullivan, the theater's executive director. For tickets, which cost $60 to $90, call the theater at 301-790-2000 or go to

To hear the entire interview, go to and look under multimedia. Also, look for more coverage of Hicks in the Lifestyle section of The Herald-Mail on Sunday, July 1.


Excerpts from Taylor Hicks interview.

Greene: People who watched "American Idol" know you were a working musician before the show. How did your interest in music begin?

Hicks: I was about, I don't know, 7 or 8, and started listening to Otis Redding and Ray Charles, and a lot of AM stuff. The '70s were great for AM singer-songwriters, and I just followed the path, and luckily, you know, picked up an instrument, a guitar, and started working my way through learning my craft - and still learning my craft.

Greene: Have you had a chance to write some new songs?

Hicks: You know, I've started on some ideas, and you know, going right back out for the summer tour, it's been tough, you know, to get in the writing process. I'm taking some time off in the fall and gonna really try to get some good songs going.

Greene: Do you keep in touch with anybody? Hicks: Yeah, I keep in touch with Elliott and Bucky and Ace and Chris every now and then. You know, you spend a year like that with somebody like that, you really get to know them.

Greene: You've been parodied on "Saturday Night Live" and by Weird Al Yankovic. Have you seen or heard these parodies, and what do you think of them?

Hicks: I have, and I think they're great. They're spot on, which just makes them even more funnier.

Greene: What can the audience at The Maryland Theatre expect during your performance July 6?

Hicks: I like to call it high-impact soul aerobics.

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