You Said It

June 18, 2007

"Shame, shame on The Herald-Mail, the editor and the responsible reporter for intruding on a family's grief. Sunday, June 10, front page reported the tragedy of a young man's death on his new motorcycle. The reporter said a phone call was made to the home and the mother wasn't ready to comment. How dare you disturb that grieving family, and what possible comment were you looking for? Try to remember you are a news source ... not a sleazy tabloid, and provide our community with more respect. There is no excuse for that phone call."

- Hagerstown

"The more I read (You Said It), the more I find out there must be a lot of people around this area who don't like kids at all. Anybody who says they should hold the kids back a year in school because they didn't pay their lunch bill ... it could be that they couldn't afford it. Also, if they worry about that little bit of a lunch bill, they mustn't have too much else to worry about. Also, they could take $800 that the council had for their lavish dinner and put that toward some of these little kids' lunches."


- Hagerstown

"Good coverage, Herald-Mail, on A2, June 13, about the budget being approved for $309 million. Thank goodness for Wivell and Aleshire. They said 'Let's pay off some of the debt,' but the other three commissioners overruled them. How we can keep borrowing more money and not deciding how to pay off the debt is amazing to me. I guess now what are we gonna do, buy the Phoenix building and then probably do some more with the Allegheny building? Is that included in the $309 million? Get upset, taxpayers. Remember them at the next election."

- Leitersburg

"Last October, I attended Downtown Live. The lineup of bands was top-notch, and it was a great show. I plan attending again if there's another one this October. "

"Every time that I come to Hagerstown, you gotta cross the railroad tracks over at the City Park in Hagerstown. It about shakes the car apart at the crossings. I've called a couple times, and nobody has put it in the paper."

- Williamsport

"This makes no sense at all. City Council wants to revitalize downtown Hagerstown, yet instead of having family events, which would include children and family values, all you people want to have are beer parties. Get a life. Build Hagerstown up again by not tearing it down with alcoholic events. Can't you have events without beer? Mr. Mayor and City Council, listen to the majority of people and make Hagerstown something to be proud of again."

"I have an idea for the mayor and council's holiday party next year. Instead of using the taxpayers' money, at your next meeting I suggest that you put a big jar on the table. Each one put $5 in it toward the party. You have five councilmen and a mayor, so right there is $30 the first night. Any department heads that want to attend, let them throw in $5. So you meet, we'll say, 50 times a year, and you add that up, the $25 or $30 at each meeting, and at the end of 50 weeks, you'll have enough money to invite me. "

- Fiddlersburg

"I don't blame the business owners and residents of downtown for being frustrated. They were told at a previous council meeting that their complaints would mean something. They meant nothing, as usual, because the Downtown Live will continue as previously presented, with no changes. I don't live downtown, but am very frustrated and will remember this come election time."

- Hagerstown

"The present leadership of Congress thinks the Iraqi legislature should not go on vacation, but rather stay in session, put aside political differences and pass the important legislation that is needed. Maybe they should invite the leaders of the Iraqi legislature to come to Washington and see how it's done."

- Smithsburg

"I wish you Clinton-hating Republicans would get your facts straight. George Bush (the first) sent the troops into Somalia. The first attack on the World Trade Center happened less than five weeks after Bill Clinton was sworn in as president, and the men responsible for that are now in American jail. So don't tell me that Clinton didn't do anything about the first attack on the World Trade Center, and don't try to blame Clinton for Somalia."

- Sharpsburg

"To the Rohrersville caller who said Iraq isn't Bush's problem: It was Bush who made the case for WMDs. It was Bush who requested permission to invade Iraq when there was no call to do so. Afghanistan, yes - Iraq, no. It was Bush who said 'Mission accomplished.' It was Bush who has recently asked for more troops for Iraq. If it's not Bush's problem, whose is it?"

- Washington County

"I believe I have the answer to why South Mountain is brown. It is because of the gypsy moth caterpillars. They are eating the leaves on the trees, stripping the leaves from the trees. We have the same problem in the Clear Spring area, Blairs Valley, Fairview Mountain. The leaves are brown, the trees are being destroyed. They can only survive two consecutive years of this gypsy moth infestation."

- Clear Spring

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