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June 18, 2007

This week's question:

High school seniors in the Tri-State area graduated this month. Based on your own life experiences, what is the most important advice you can pass along to them?

· Lower your expectations, because most of you are undereducated compared to your peers in many other areas in this country and in many other countries. Now that you are legally adults, you are responsible for your own education from this day forward. If you remain undereducated, you will probably get the jobs and be paid the wages that the undereducated receive - for the rest of your lives. And that may be a long time.

· The most important advice I can pass along is to ignore advice like the post above. Sadly, the context of the question "Based on your own life experiences" was taken to heart by this individual. Learn to manage yourselves and your money. "The borrower will always be slave to the lender."


· Go to college and get a degree. stay away from alcohol. what you choose now can effect the rest of your life.

· Find a profession that you enjoy; do not spend your life in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Going to a job every day that you hate is not the life you want.

· Get a job and quit leeching off your parents. And for God's sake, use birth control.

· Save your money!

· I'll recommend Liz Pulliam Weston's article "Why your kids expect to be rich" which was published June 11 and which appears on homepage and MSN Money. I'll repeat - "Lower your expectations."

· If you lower your expectations - sure, for the world to treat you as adults until you start acting like them - but the second you lower your expectations for yourself, your future will be little more than a Mickey-Dees drive-through window, with you on the order-taking side. Figure out what you want and don't stop until you get it.

· Don't let anything stand in the way of what you want for your lives! Don't settle for second-best. It will be hard, you may want to quit, but if you don't think you're worth the effort to go out there and live your dream, who else is going to think you're worth anything, either?

· If you think the pie in the sky is reserved for you, you will not get dessert. If you expect to make $140,000 a year, you may want to hold off on running up your credit card debt.

If you expect to marry a prince or a princess, you may wish to hold off planning your wedding. If you think that the grade inflation and the self-esteem that the school system worked so hard to give to you is as good as money in the bank, you might want to check your bank balance. Learn Spanish. As the young folks used to say. "Get real."

· Whether you hear it from a liberal or a conservative is irrelevant, the fact remains - alcoholism is a disease. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. So don't start now, as it will impact the decisions you make and the people around you the rest of your life.

· Go to college and don't give up on your dreams.

· Join a branch of the military and go to college. Help defend your country and earn respect from the rest of America. The miltary will give you skills to get a better job and teach you to how to obey your bosses and our leaders.

· Do not take any time off. Go straight to college and then your life will pass go!

· I'm curious as to why many are inclined to imply that college is the answer to success in life? Success comes in many forms. Sure there is financial success, but there is also success in family, friendship, culture, arts, having good health and the list goes on...

· In my world, there are three roads to success. Education teaches you what they are. I certainly am not saying that every child is cut out for college. I have four children and only one wants to attend college. Two of my other sons went into the trades and they make a very comfortable living and are content.

· I agree that education is important. But to tie education to college in a manner which suggests college is the only way one can further his or her education is a modern myth.

· Don't use credit cards. It is too easy to get in debt over your head and then have your choices limited by the money you owe.

· Work, hard, respect others and maintain your integrity.

· Even though everything has a camera these days, don't let anyone take pictures of your shenanigans. You might want to run for a high political office some day.

This week's question:

The Washington County Public School system is sxeeking a consultant to study the idea of using the old Allegheny Energy headquarters for offices or school space. Is that a good idea and if not, why not?

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