Aryn's Saddle Club hosts its first horse show

June 16, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Named in honor of Aryn Mills, a 4 1/2-month-old baby girl who died in an automobile accident on Williamson Road, Aryn's Saddle Club held its first horse show on Saturday at American Legion Post 373.

"I think it's a good tribute to her," said Charlie Mills Jr., manager of the Greencastle American Legion and father of Aryn, who died Sept. 11, 2005.

Sam Wagaman, president of the club, started Aryn's Saddle Club in March for area youths.

"There's a local club that has no gaming for the kids, and I think this it is a kids' sport, too, not just for the adults," he said.

Wagaman said the club has about 40 members who have been active in building it.

About 49 riders participated in the show, which included 60 categories, said Bev Rice, secretary of the club.

"One person might ride in six classes," she said.


Awards were given to those who finished between first and sixth in each class, with each winner receiving a different color ribbon.

In Class 38: MPHSC All Day Open Jackpot, riders had to walk, trot and jog with their horses. The trot represents the English style of riding, while the jog represents the Western style of riding, club member Michele Barry said.

Barry, who owns six horses, was helping at the event on Saturday rather than participating in the show.

"It's good for the kids," she said.

Bobby Springer, who is a member of the saddle club, said his daughter, Megan, 24, was involved in the show.

"She's still a kid," he said. "She loves her horses."

Kristi Brammer, 12, rode two horses in the show. She finished in first place with Fea, and took third with Cobie.

"I'm in (Fulton County) 4-H, and they give you all the show (information)," said Brammer, who has been riding since she was 2 years old. "I was happy about first place."

Wagaman's daughters also competed in the show. Sabrina Wagaman, 13, won second place in Class 38: MPHSC All Day Open Jackpot, riding D.S. Augustus.

"She's riding a different horse today (than usual)," said Judy Wagaman, Serbian's mother.

Sierra Wagaman took first place in Class 43: Youth Pole Bending 15 and under, with a time of 29.16 seconds.

Individuals as young as 2, as well as adults, could participate in the horse show, said Mills, who also is a member of the club. He has five daughters, all of whom ride horses.

"It's a real good group to work with," Mills said of the club. "With the American Legion leasing us this for $1 a year, it's good for them, too."

Mills said most of the members of Aryn's Saddle Club practice for horse shows at home, and most of them own their horses.

"We just got (the show set up Friday)," he said. "They (those in the club) can come here any time."

All of Saturday's food proceeds and program donations will go directly to Aryn's Saddle Club, Judy Wagaman said.

The club will host a Western/English Gaming Fun Show for children and adults on June 30 at the American Legion grounds.

The club is a member of the Maryland-Pennsylvania circuit, and will have another circuit show on Sept. 16, Sam Wagaman said.

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