Accident victim's mother remembers what could have been

June 13, 2007|by KAREN HANNA

BOONSBORO - The mother of a young woman who she said lived life fast and loose had nightmares about what could happen if her daughter didn't turn things around.

On Tuesday, Susan Thomas said staff at the hospital where her daughter went after a high-speed crash informed her 20-year-old Kelsy Lynn Thomas was dead.

"She was very smart, very cute. She had a lot of possibilities, just got into the wrong crowd," said Thomas, who sat next to Kelsy Thomas' 18-month-old daughter, Taniyah, after waking her from a nap in a crib in her living room, which was cluttered with toys.

Thomas was injured Saturday when a 1995 Honda Civic driven by 20-year-old Javaughn Allen Young hit a parked car at 1:57 a.m. on Main Street near Mousetown Road in Boonsboro, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Department. Thomas was four months pregnant with a second child at the time of the crash Saturday.


Though the sheriff's department has listed the couple's address as 102 W. Green St. in Funkstown - Susan Thomas' home - Thomas said neither her daughter nor Young lived with her.

Thomas recounted her daughter's years of partying, drugs and bounced checks. Once, she said, she thought her daughter could have been anything.

"Somebody told her with the stuff she liked, she better marry a doctor. I said, 'Don't tell her that. Tell her to go be a doctor,'" Thomas said.

Thomas said her daughter, who graduated from Evening High School, turned down a chance to go to college.

Kelsy Thomas owned the car that was involved in Saturday's accident, but Young was behind the wheel and driving on a suspended license, according to the sheriff's department.

Maryland state court records show neither he nor Thomas showed up last year after she filed a petition for a protective order against him.

Young's record includes several vehicle violations, including a $275 ticket for driving a 1995 Honda in a race on U.S. 40 at Beaver Creek Road east of Hagerstown, according to court records.

A nursing coordinator at University of Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore, where Kelsy Thomas died, said Young was in critical condition Tuesday night.

Thomas said she always wanted her daughter to come home and straighten up.

Court records show Kelsy Thomas owed her mother child support.

Taniyah loved seeing her mother, but Susan Thomas said Kelsy Thomas' visits were rare and short.

"If you'd say the mom word, she just run and scream, looking for her to come down the driveway," said Thomas, who now plans to petition for legal custody of the curly headed little girl she calls "Birdie."

"Before she got tangled up in this rigmarole, she was an angel," Thomas said.

Now, Thomas said she plans to gather up her photos of her daughter, enlarge them and hang them around the house.

"I didn't know what I could do, just tried to be as nice to her as I could whenever she was here, hoping she'd change her mind," Thomas said. "She did love the baby, she really did, but she loved something else more."

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