Salem Avenue student wins essay contest

June 08, 2007

Jameek Booth, a fourth-grader at Salem Avenue Elementary School, was chosen as the District 8 winner of the "If I Were Mayor" essay contest. Jameek, along with his family and teacher, attended a ceremony featuring Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown on May 23 in Annapolis.

Salem Avenue student Samantha Startzman was chosen as a runner-up from District 8.

Here is Jameek's winning essay:

"If I were Mayor, I would usually be responsible for day to day operations of the city, also for creating an annual budget for the municipality.

"I would also want kids to help solve the mayor's problems. For example, I would also create a kids' Web page to tell what it's like to be the mayor. I would let kids be a part of council meetings every month.

"I would meet with a council of kids from elementary, from middle and from high school every month to learn what is important. I will switch schools from time to time. The council meeting will be about services and businesses.


"I would publish a monthly kid's magazine to give information of how to be the mayor to get kids interested in government when they grow up. I would also let kids make Hagerstown a better place.

"I would make sure kids help to keep streets free of crime and to get kids involved in volunteer work. We would have a citywide fundraiser by selling items the mayor uses.

"I would educate the municipal government about kids and what they can do making schools better places to get education. I would help kids learn about municipal government. This will get kids excited and they might want to become the mayor when they grow up. That's what I would do if I were mayor. "

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