Blast from the Past

June 06, 2007

Week of June 3, 1957

A Hancock youngster, Robert S. Turner, proved to be Washington County's surest shot with marbles, at Saturday's countywide tournament, sponsored by the Hagerstown Lions Club at City Park.

Bob won a trophy nearly half as tall as he is, and the right to enter the national competition at Asbury Park, N.J.

Runner-up in the finals was Dennis Thomas, Cascade School. Coming close to the county honors but just missing in the last stages were Jimmy Jamison, Dargan School, and Charles Bowers Jr., Antietam School, who were the other victors in the quarter finals. Each school's champion received a trophy. Nearly 100 youngsters and adults were on hand for Saturday's contest.

The need for military preparedness and the quest for peace in the world today were discussed Saturday by the Hon. Herbert Brownell Jr., Attorney General of the U.S., in a speech at the graduation exercises at St. James School.


After noting that, unlike their parents, today's graduates face some months and years of military training, the Attorney General said that this is one of the responsibilities of a self-governing people that goes with freedom.

Mr. Brownell said that billions of dollars now used for military purposes could be spent for better health, better housing, better education and cultural benefits.

Calling for unity of effort in the quest for peace, Mr. Brownell said "The matter for peace is not one solely for diplomats and statesmen. It must be in our hearts. It must be striven for with the same unity, effort and resources as we gird for war."

Week of June 3, 1982

Mack Trucks, Inc. idled approximately 100 workers at its Hagerstown manufacturing plant in the last week to prepare for a three-week production cutback later this summer.

"We're having an inventory adjustment here," said Don Miller, a company spokesman at Mack's assembly plant in Allentown, Pa.

Miller said Mack is planning to halt assembly of its conventional trucks - or big rigs - for a total of three weeks. About 40 trucks that normally would be produced daily during those weeks will not be produced, according to Miller. Production of other models will continue.

A cutback at the Allentown assembly plant means less work at the Hagerstown plant, which makes engines, transmissions and rear axles for most Mack Trucks.

More than 2,000 bicyclists are expected to flock to Shippensburg State College this weekend for what is billed as the nation's biggest bicycle rally of the year. The Great Eastern Area Rally (nicknamed GEAR-up) will feature 22 bike races, 29 biking seminars, lots of special events, and a wedding of two cyclists who met at one of last year's rallies. It's been just about a year since Walter McNeil stopped to help Joan Klappert fix her broken chain at the GEAR-up in New Paltz, N.Y., and the ensuing romance will be resolved tomorrow evening when the couple weds on the campus green, then pedals off to honeymoon on a bicycle built for two.

- compiled by Kelly Moreno

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