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June 04, 2007

Last week's question:

Which sport should be more ashamed: The NBA for its gunfire, Major League Baseball for its steroids or the NFL for its dog fighting and sundry criminal behavior?

·I didn't know a sport could be ashamed. I sure wish someone would explain to me how a sport can be ashamed because I would really like to learn something new today.

·That's what happens when you give hoodlums millions of dollars a year to play ball.

·That's what money does to anything in this world. The previous comment was right on the money.

·The American consumer. None of these pro sports could pay the high salaries without the huge television contracts that in turn get their money from the advertisers. So if you buy the product that advertises on the network at astronomical rates, you should be ashamed because without you there would be no money to fuel this fire. Everyone thinks they are so innocent in their complicity. One day they'll learn.


·I have to wonder who writes these things - a "sport" to be ashamed? People need to be ashamed of their actions and the sports associations need to make these people accountable in their professional sphere.

Apparently, if you still rock it on the court, the field or the gridiron, no amount of scandal is going to ruin a professional athlete. Kids are still going to want those collector cards and memorabilia and big name companies are still going to want the "cool" player to endorse their products.

But if there were actual accountability within the organizations, then perhaps a run-in or two with that kind of disciplinary action would invoke the shame these people should be feeling for their actions.

·I think America should be ashamed of the importance it places on things as trivial as sports. I think newspapers should be ashamed that devote a whole section daily to something as trivial as sports.

·The writer of the previous comment should learn some history. Yellow journalism elevated Teddy Roosevelt to presidential status and many newspapers originated as a way to disperse horse-racing results and betting lines.

·Why does anyone care about professional sports? Most American males can name 25 different football teams and stats on those teams but cannot name the county commissioners, state representatives, etc.

Sports fanaticism is indicative of an ignorant populace. America the ignorant. Only an American would disagree.

·I strongly suggest you not say that to someone from South America or Europe - they're just as big on their soccer and rugby as we are on our sports.

What's ignorant is that we put our recreational athletics above the workings of our government and other things that really matter on a day-to-day basis. The rest of the world has its priorities straight.

·Don't bring our government into this. That is something to be truly ashamed of at all levels, especially starting at the top.

·Scrap the system and start over?

·The NBA. It's a culture of thuggary and gangsterism. It's an abomination of what it was intended to be.

·So, since you parse the language such that a sport cannot be ashamed, would you also then agree that a presidential administration, a board of commissioners, or a School Board cannot be ashamed? You are so condescending to the writers of these polls - and to the respondents. Regarding the question: All sports have their bad eggs, but truly the NBA is at the head of this class, with a heavy population of wealthy thugs.

·"Parse the language?" This is an English-language newspaper, isn't it? The English language has rules, doesn't it? Comments were previously made on the quality and phrasing of the questions, weren't they? Some people are fast learners, some people are slow learners and some people never learn.

·The University of Maryland men's basketball team. They haven't made the NCAA tournament in three years with a brand new, largely-taxpayer-funded arena and one of the worst graduating percentages among major collegiate sports programs.

Who cares that tuition skyrocketed in the last five years so that in-state residents can't afford to send their kids there (thanks, Gov. Ehrlich) and that there's an on campus housing crisis. We pay Gary big bucks to get the Terps into the tournament. Shame, shame, shame.

This week's question:

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