Table games pros and cons

June 03, 2007

Here's what's being said about allowing casino games at Charles Town Races & Slots in Jefferson County, W.Va.


·Opponents say table games would attract "high rollers," which could lead to increased crime.

· Proponents say table games would not attract an unsavory crowd, and that the racetrack has extensive surveillance systems in place to control problems.

Winners and losers

·Opponents say casino games is a "lost-base industry," meaning for someone to take money from the games, someone must lose.

·Proponents say the racetrack takes risks and does not always win.

·Common wisdom says there is a "house edge," and that even though an individual player might win a large payout, casinos have a predictable long-term advantage.



·Proponents say table games will provide more jobs.

·Opponents say the unemployment rate in Jefferson County is so low that some employers already struggle to find good workers.


·Opponents say that if the table games measure is approved, Jefferson County municipalities' share of the gambling revenue - 3 percent of the track's gross table games receipts - is too small.

·Proponents says that share of table games revenue will go to Jefferson County Schools and will be a boon to education.

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