New Business -- Kelly's Maintenance & Improvements

June 03, 2007

Name of business: Kelly's Maintenance & Improvements LLC

Owner: Steve Kelly

Address: 10517 Greenwich Drive, Williamsport

Opening date: March 15

Products and services: "Improving and/or maintaining the integrity of facilities such as buildings, medical suites, medical offices, business offices, rental and personal property by developing a maintenance package tailored to accommodate their specific needs along with performing renovations and improvements.

"Maintenance packages may include general and preventive maintenance, fire and safety requirements, landscaping, lawn care, managing HVAC, electrical, plumbing and snow removal."


Market area: Washington County and surrounding area.

How did you get into your business, or what motivated you to start it?: "Recognized a need for medical facilities and office buildings, rental and personal property owners to protect their investments by realizing that a potential customer or associate can determine the quality of service expected and living conditions by the general appearance and condition of the property.

"A good maintenance program can assure the integrity, working and living conditions, working efficiency of the mechanical components, along with providing a safe and cost-effective environment. Improvements to a property can enhance its value, update using modern materials, keep pace with the ever-changing demands and improve living and working conditions."

Previous business experience: Maintenance technician promoted to senior facilities coordinator for a 400,000-square-foot medical office commplex and several individual medical office buildings.

·Maintenance supervisor for a 2,500-unit residential housing complex.

·Kelly's Home Care N Repair home improvement contractor

Number of employees: One

Hours: Business hours are flexible depending on the requirements of the property.

Telephone: 301-223-4230

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