You Said It

June 01, 2007

Editor's note: The Morning Herald does not endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on page A4.

"I just wanted to let everybody know that the Red Horse Steak House will be closing, and I want to thank Chris Jefferies for being a great neighbor with the Red Horse Steak House. I advise everybody, I urge everybody, to go get your last steak dinner from the Red Horse because it is a wonderful restaurant. And thanks, Chris Jefferies, for plowing our streets in the wintertime when the county couldn't get over here to do it. Your neighbors on Redwood Circle, we surely do appreciate you, and we wish you a long, healthy life in retirement. Great job, Chris."

"I have been reading the 'You Said It' column. I read the article about the 10-year-old who was raped in Oak Ridge, and whoever said that is right. The Herald-Mail really upset me because on the front page on Tuesday's paper, two main articles were about swimming and a spelling bee, then on the A3 page, there was an article of the Maryland State Police barrack commander, and on the sideline of the same page is an article about solving a sexual assault cold case. No offense to the other people in the other articles, but I think the cold case is more important than any of these articles, and that is what should have been on the front page. And there needs to be more help finding the man who raped the 10-year-old child in Oak Ridge."


"Has anyone been watching this ultimate fighting, where they fight in the octagon and pummel each other into submission? They say it might overtake boxing in popularity. I don't know. With that and the dog fighting that these pro athletes are being linked to, it just seems like sports is going down the tubes like a lot of things." - Hagerstown

"This is to the person who made the comment about students charging school lunches. First of all, why do you need to address it to 'especially you mothers'? There are a lot of fathers out there supporting their children by themselves. Second, sometimes there are situations where having the money is not always possible. People do fall on hard times, and sometimes parents just forget. And a child cannot charge for weeks at a time and not pay it back. A child can charge twice, and then after that no more until the balance is paid. You need to stop complaining about small things like this and start looking at the real situations going on in the world."

"A teenager is in no way financially, mentally, capable of raising a child. Don't pawn these girls off on the system or other people to help raise these babies. It is parents' responsibility to teach sex education and moral values. If you will note, Amish don't have this problem because they teach their children right. First things first. Be a mature adult before you are a mother. Thirteen is a teen, and cannot handle motherhood." - Hagerstown

"Driving around town, I've noticed an awful lot of roofing crews working on homes, and I'd just like to remind everybody that you need an MHIC license to work in Maryland, and any company doing any home improvement work has to display their business name and MHIC number on their vehicles and on the job site." - Hagerstown

"Regarding Medicare Part D prescription plan: We also found out that as a patient in the hospital, the plan does not cover some drugs, like they did before under Medicare Part A or B, now that there is a Part D. We received a bill for several self-administered drugs. After contacting the prescription plan, they said to fill out a reimbursement form and send a copy of the itemized drugs and a receipt of payment before they could reimburse. One week later, we received a denial letter from the prescription plan." - Hagerstown

"I travel 'down county' to work each day with my cruise control set at 65 mph at 5 a.m., and all of the cars on the road at that time of day pass me like I'm standing still. I do this to save gas and money, unlike all of the other people who like to drive faster and burn up their gas faster along with their money. I am sick and tired of all the crying in the paper about high gas prices. Slow down." - Williamsport commuter

"This call is in response to the caller from Boonsboro talking about the price of things in 1933, and because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt passing laws, giving union labors lots of power - another anti-union statement - and whether or not we're better off now than what we were now. Yeah, we wouldn't have Social Security, Medicare, any pensions from our companies because the companies didn't pay pensions. We wouldn't have anything. You'd be living in a poorhouse or standing in soup lines like you were when Hoover was in there. So thank God for Franklin Delano Roosevelt." - Hagerstown

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