Marge Peters shows her love for history by volunteering

May 31, 2007

Editor's note - There are a lot of people you see around town that you recognize, but don't know anything about. People like ...

Marge Peters

Age - 73.

Hometown - Hilltown, Pa.

Where would you see Peters? - Peters loves history and carries that passion into the volunteer work she does. Most of her volunteer time is spent at the Washington County Rural Heritage Museum, where she was part of the founding committee.

Growing up in a small town in Bucks County, Pa., in a graduating class of 37 students, Peters still remembers some wise words from her father.

In 1974, Peters, her husband, Ken, and the youngest of their three daughters, who was 14 at the time, were getting ready to move to Hagerstown for Ken's job as foundry manager at Pangborn. Her father told her that in order to be a part of the community and accepted, it was important to get involved.


Peters put that into practice from the start. Marge Peters wasn't one to sit at home, and a trip to the unemployment office landed her a job as an assistant at the Miller House.

After more than two decades at the Miller House, Peters retired in 1999 after working her way up to the top job of administrator/executive director.

Peters said she grew up surrounded by history and moved to an area rich with history. She was on the founding committees for the National Pike Festival and the illumination at Antietam National Battlefield

Active in her church, Grace United Methodist in Hagerstown, Peters co-chairs Camp Reach, an after-school program at the church for children from Bester and Winter Street elementary schools. She also serves as a church liturgist, chairs the Staff/Parish committee and volunteers at the REACH Cold Weather Shelter and CROP Walk.

A two-time survivor of breast cancer, Peters was a founding board member of Y-ME, now Breast Cancer Awareness of Cumberland Valley, and was on the board until a little more than a year ago.

She also volunteered with an outreach program of the American Cancer Society, where volunteers visited women newly diagnosed with cancer. Peters also was appointed to the county's solid waste, tourism and historic preservation boards.

Peters' most recent recognition came from Women at the Table, a political action committee that encourages women in Washington County to run for office. She and Sharon Chirgott were recognized May 3 at the group's annual awards dinner at Fountain Head Country Club.

"I was just so surprised by this. That really humbled me. It really did," said Peters, who lives outside Funkstown, off of Alternate U.S. 40.

Peters said she doesn't consider herself a political person, just one who is involved in the community.

"I'm never bored," Peters said.

Hobbies - "I love to do garden work at home," Peters said. She and her husband tend their two-acre property together.

She also likes to read and do crossword puzzles.

What does Peters like best about Washington County? - "The rolling hills, the farms, the people. It reminds me of home," Peters said. "I never go to a big city unless I absolutely have to. I am so content here."

She adds that after living here more than 30 years, "This is my adopted home."

"I can remember when we first came to town. When you got to a red light, if two cars were waiting, that was a lot of traffic."

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