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A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

May 31, 2007

"Church doesn't really do anything except for your belief in God."

What else did you want church to do?

"Try being hit by a car and wondering how that would feel."

No, thank you.

"Hagerstown has grown a lot in the last few years, and I feel that we need a L.A. Weight Loss program back here again. Does anyone who reads Mail Call know how you go about that and where you would go to to see about getting another weight loss place back in this town?"

Yes, we are growing - in more ways than one. There might be room for a weight loss center if we didn't have 17 restaurants on every corner!


"OK, enough is enough. In the paper today I saw four pictures of the same two people in the same place on vacation - just different locations. This is a little ridiculous."

We'll check this out, but could these pictures possibly have been taken at the Doublemint Twins convention?

"I'm reading in Wednesday's paper where it says 'Water and sewer rate hikes proposed.' If you people raise the water and sewer hikes again, you and the rest of your county commissioners, the American people should go on a rampage."

That would be an interesting recruiting campaign: America, Hagerstown and Washington County need your help to storm our water and sewer plants.

High five to these callers:

"I'm writing in reference to Mr. Ells' letter in letters to the editor. I agree 100 percent with him. I never did like the plastic bags and I always did miss having the paper bags. For one thing, everything falls out of the plastic bags. I just detest them." - Hagerstown

"This goes out to all the county commissioners. I hope you guys read the Opinion page in Sunday's paper, and read Tim Rowland's column. I hope that all you God-fearing, Bible-toting Christians out there read it also. I'm sure some of you have called in about this. I think Tim Rowland's right on the spot." - Broadfording Road


"I wish the city would please let us know something on repaving. They were supposed to repave Northern Avenue from the railroad tracks east to Potomac Avenue last year. They haven't done it, and they were also supposed to pave West Wilson Boulevard from Potomac to Virginia Avenue last year, and they still haven't done it yet." - Hagerstown

According to City Engineer Rodney Tissue, Northern Avenue will be overlaid as soon as the water line is replaced from Fountainhead Road to The Terrace, which is scheduled to be done this week.

West Wilson Boulevard is scheduled for major storm drain pipe replacement at Wilson and Maryland Avenue. This work will begin the first week of June. Paving will then be done from South Potomac Street to Summit Avenue. Summit Avenue to Virginia Avenue is not yet scheduled.

"When are we going to get a traffic light on Eastern Boulevard at Opal Court? This is ridiculous. We can't even get out of traffic any more when we get out of work. We sit there for I can't even tell you how long. Tonight was horrible; two people almost got hit, sideswiped. State Sen. Don Munson said February of 2007. It's now May. We have no traffic light, and if somebody doesn't do something soon, there's gonna be a serious accident and someone's gonna get killed. Thank you." - Hagerstown

According to the city engineer's office, the traffic signal is part of the much-anticipated widening of the city's portion of Eastern Boulevard. The project was advertised for construction bids on May 25.

If the project comes in as budgeted and the city council awards the contract in July, work will begin in September, widening Eastern Boulevard from Conrad Court to Jefferson Boulevard.

The traffic light at Eastern and Opal Court should be completed by August 2008 and the entire project by fall 2008.

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