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More Than The Score

May 29, 2007

Michael Donghia
James Buchanan
Track & Field

What's your favorite food? peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Spongebob Squarepants

What is your biggest ambition? To qualify for states in track

Three people I'd like to have lunch with: Dion Lehman, Dean Karnazes and Jesus

Who's your favorite musical group or artist? Coldplay

The best thing about my school is: The students

The worst thing about my school is: The water is not clear

My classmates would probably name me 'Most likely to ...': be goofing off

One place I'd most like to visit: Florida


If a genie gave you three wishes, what would they be? A track for our school, a new pair of track sneakers, 10 more wishes

When I get a spare moment, I like to: Run

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Denzel Washington

My favorite cafeteria meal is: Chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes

My least favorite cafeteria meal is: Cheese pleasers

One possession I can't live without: My bed because it is so comfortable

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