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More Than the Score - Margaret Stone

May 28, 2007

Margaret Stone
South Hagerstown

What's your favorite food? The ice cream cake from camp.

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Woodstock

What is your biggest ambition? Do what God has planned

Three people I'd like to have lunch with: God, Granny, my younger brother

Who's your favorite musical group or artist? Any Broadway cast

The best thing about my school is: My friends are here

The worst thing about my school is: Lack of school spirit

My classmates would probably name me 'Most likely to ...': Run a camp someday

One place I'd most like to visit: Alaska


If a genie gave you three wishes, what would they be? Everyone had a place to go that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, peace, nature's beauty to be preserved

When I get a spare moment, I like to: Sing

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Idina Menzel or Kristin Chenoweth

My favorite cafeteria meal is: Chicken nuggets

My least favorite cafeteria meal is: Tacos

One possession I can't live without: My Bible

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