Letters to the editor

May 26, 2007

Americans can't let down their guard

To the editor:

Events of recent days have compelled me to write this letter. The uncovering of a Muslim terrorist group plotting to attack Fort Dix, N.J., and a report that the terrorist group Hamas developed a TV program that featured a Mickey Mouse look-alike urging Palestinian children to fight Israel and the U.S. and work for global Islamic domination should open the eyes of all Americans to the reality of this threat!

I am imploring all Americans to stop and realize the seriousness of the danger we face. How many other "terrorists" are living among us?

And I am also asking that we all put politics aside - forget about being a Democrat or a Republican, and discount the bias of the liberal news media and political correctness. What is most important here and now is the future and long-term security of our country.


Remember back to Sept. 11, 2001, and how you felt then about the events that took place on that tragic day. The threat has not changed - only time and our perception of the danger. We must be convinced to stay in this battle for the very survival of our culture and our way of life, and we must be patient over the long term, because the conflict will last many years, as our president told us shortly after 9/11 and many times since.

Militant Muslim extremists have continually made it clear that their goal is world domination, no matter the cost or how long it may take. We also must be clear that another goal of the terrorists is to obtain nuclear weapons and to use them against America and its citizens.

Wake up Americans and get serious about this situation. It is not something we can continue to ignore or pretend is not a danger to us. Sticking our heads in the sand brought us 9/11. Do we want to wait for another, more serious attack on our nation? The decision is yours. Ask yourself this question: Do you want to fight this war on terrorism over there, or on American soil in your own backyard? I think the answer is (and should be) very clear.

Duane K. Schroyer

Greencastle, Pa.

Refugee program is open to question

To the editor:

When a friend told me that Tim Rowland would have a piece in the Sunday (May 20) paper about the refugee issue in Washington County, I thought that would be good because maybe he would help answer the many questions people have about the Virginia Council of Churches/U.S. State Department program that has brought hundreds of immigrants to the Hagerstown area and plans to bring more.

Instead of answers, Rowland treated any of us who have legitimate questions to a more than 900 word verbal assault on our character. He called us uncaring, unintelligent, confused, un-Christian, unenlightened, told us we are kitten kickers and should be ashamed of ourselves. Then here is my favorite one, yes even better than the kitten kickers, he said our worldview did not extend past Greencastle. Whew! I am now ready to hang my head and crawl back into my hole.

These name-calling and emotionally manipulative tactics have long been employed by those pushing an agenda to avoid putting facts on the table and letting the political chips fall where they may.

The program in question has never been thoroughly examined in public and it is your right as a citizen to ask questions and it's your duty as elected officials to find the answers. That is how democracy should work. Don't allow the media monopoly in Washington County to silence you!

Perhaps if the Virginia Council of Churches had been completely open with the community, held public meetings and explained what their plans were, giving people an opportunity to ask questions from the beginning, the issue might not have escalated. No one wants to feel that something is being slipped by them. Additionally, The Herald-Mail has shirked its duty to the citizens by not investigating thoroughly and then informing us.

Maybe as Rowland says, a few hundred refugees won't hurt us, but how about the next few hundred? Or the next 1,000? Has anyone even thought this through? And, given the decades-long failure of the federal government to control immigration is it so unreasonable to not trust them this time? In fact, due to the failed federal policy on immigration, some deserving refugees may now pay the price.

Ann Corcoran


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