County employees honored at appreciation ceremony

May 25, 2007

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners presided over the ninth annual Employee Service Awards ceremony May 15 at the Sheraton Four Points on Dual Highway in Hagerstown, where 107 employees were honored for their service to the county and its citizens.

Fourteen retirees were honored with service ranging from 11 years to 37 years.

Former highways director Ted Wolford served the county for 37 years. Also from highways, Phillip Williams served for 29 years and Guy Knepper retired with 18 years, 9 months service.

From the Department of Solid Waste, Rodney Unger retired after 26 years service. The Department of Permits and Inspections' William Kelley Vantz retired after 28 years, 7 months.

From the Department of Water Quality, Ann Snyder served 12 years, 10 months. Betty Taylor retired from the Department of Public Transportation after 25 years, eight months.


Planning and Community Development's Suzette Hartmann served the county for 18 years, seven months.

The Sheriff's Department retirees included former Sheriff Charles Mades, with 20 years of service, Kevin Morgan with 23 years, 10 months, and Michael Borsos with 21 years, five months.

From Circuit Court, Linda Reid retired after serving 13 years, four months. Former County Attorney Richard Douglas gave 10 years and 11 months of service to county government. From the State's Attorney's Office, Terry Masters retired after 11 years, 10 months.

Employees honored for 35, 30, 25 and 20 years

Three employees were honored for providing 35 years of service to Washington County citizens: Verna M. Brown, Department of Fire and Emergency Services; Maj. Robert E. Hafer, Sheriff's Department Judicial; and Joan A. Sweigert, of the Department of Budget & Finance.

Lesa H. Bakner of the Sheriff's Office Detention Division received honors for 30 years of service.

Those honored for 25 years of service to county citizens were Ronald E. Clark, S. Diane Mongan, Richard L. Needy, William A. Crilly, Kevin D. Knight, Michael Sprecher and David B. Deneen of Highways.

From the Sheriff's Department, 25-year service pins were presented to Daniel Shindle, and Edward S. Long, Judicial; and Timothy L. Baker, Patrol. From Planning, William Stachoviak was honored, and the Department of Permits and Inspections' Kristin L. Devault was a 25-year honoree.

Service awards for 20 years were presented to Donald L. Faith, Solid Waste; Mary J. Helmer, Tony W. Shank and Scott D. Canfield, Sheriff-Detention; Douglas A. White, Travers B. Ruppert, Robert Leatherman, and Daryl L. Sanders, Sheriff-Patrol;

Paula A. Blenard and Donna K. Anders of Budget & Finance; Dee T. Hawbaker, Human Resources Department; Sandra L. Schulte, Permits and Inspections; Ronald N. Whitt, Information Technologies Department, and Sharon Brewbaker, from the Office of the State's Attorney.

Employees awarded for 15, 10 and five years

Awards for 15 years of service were presented to Shane F. French, Richard R. Stevens, Dwayne Bussard and Davina E. Yutzy of the Department of Water Quality; Homer A. Spradlin, Mark Yetter and Randolph S. Smith from the Highways Department were honored; from the Sheriff's Department, Steven Greathead and Penny J. Powell from Detention, and Peter A. Lazich of the Patrol Division.

David Iseminger of Communications Maintenance, Dyanne A. Sharrar of the Recreation Department, Bryan E. Hale from Engineering, Paul J. Armstrong of the Information Technologies Department and Rachel E. Mobley from Buildings, Grounds & Parks were honored for their service.

Those serving the county for 10 years included James R. Showe, John Wolford Jr., Terence N. Taylor, Chris L. Shockey and Craig T. Rowe from the Sheriff's Department-Detention Division as well as Gina A. Ashworth and Kenneth Cain Sr. from the Sheriff's Patrol.

Kevin D. Cerrone, Craig W. Pensinger and Leah S. Detwiler were honored for service through the Department of Public Transportation. Victor M Robinson and Ernest P. Reese received pins for 10 years with the Department of Buildings, Grounds & Parks. Tom V. Barnhart and Robin G. Folmer of Water Quality; Darlene Crowley and Michelle L. Willis from Budget & Finance; Joseph S. Michael from the Office of the State's Attorney; John Norris from Black Rock Golf Course; Jennifer Landman of the Information Technologies Department; Brian K. Overcash from Human Resources; Krista L. Cline from Engineering; Richard L. Gaver of the Department of Permits and Inspections; Robert Whittington of Highways and Mark E. Stransky from the Engineering Department were honored for serving citizens of Washington County for a decade.

Five-year service awards were presented to Robert L. Grove, Lindy L. Reese, Archie H. Brewer, Arnold Vincent, Bryan T. Altman, from the Sheriff's Department-Detention Division, David L. Junkins, and Arnold B. Cerezo of the Sheriff's Patrol.

From the Department of Public Transportation, Teresa M. Smith, Julie Dangenhart, Lucinda A. Boden, Michael W. Nelson and David Turnbull were honored.

Todd R. Hoffman and John F. Webber of Highways received five-year pins, as did William C. Blair, Rodney A. Bair, and Keith B. Daywalt of the Department of Water Quality. Gregory L. Jones and J. Randy Edwards of Engineering were honored, as were Robert Veil Jr. and Viki M. Pauler of the Office of the State's Attorney. Tonya L. Weller of the Narcotics Task Force, Stephanie Stone of the Washington County Community Partnership, David R. Brooks from Buildings, Grounds & Parks and Patricia L. Witmer of the Circuit Court were presented pins signifying five years of service to county citizens.

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