In official count, Pa. Republicans get many write-ins on Democratic ballots

May 24, 2007|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - Enough Democratic write-in votes were collected by Republican candidates for countywide office in the May 15 primary that they may go into the November election with both party nominations, according to the results of the official count by the County Election Board.

Dane Anthony of Chambersburg, who is seeking to succeed retiring Sheriff Robert Wollyung, won the Republican nomination over William M. Kauffman of Waynesboro, Pa. Anthony also collected approximately 1,100 Democratic write-in votes, including 801 under one version of his name, far exceeding Kauffman's write-in total.

At least 100 write-in votes are needed to secure a nomination for a county office, Deputy Chief Clerk Jean Byers said. Ten votes are needed to get a municipal or school board nomination, she said.

Controller Carol Fix Diller won the GOP nomination over Larry E. Funk of Greencastle, Pa., and appears to have the votes needed for the Democratic nomination with about 350 under various spellings of her name. Because Diller did not have 100 under any one version, she will have to file a petition to consolidate those votes for the Democratic nomination, Byers said.


The other county row officers - District Attorney John F. Nelson, Coroner Jeffrey R. Conner, Prothonotary Linda Beard, Register and Recorder Linda Miller, and Clerk of Courts William Vandrew - were all unopposed in the Republican primary. Each can claim democratic nominations if they filed cumulation petitions by the May 29 deadline, Byers said.

Stephen Kulla and Elaine Gladhill won GOP nominations for the Washington Township Board of Supervisors, with incumbents C. Stewart McCleaf and Paul Benchoff finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, in the five-candidate field.

The official count would indicate that neither McCleaf nor Benchoff had enough write-ins to win one of the two Democratic nominations. Gladhill has 128 votes under three versions of her name, followed by David McCarney, with 90 votes under five versions of his name, including three with his last name misspelled as "McCardy."

McCarney, who finished third in GOP voting, would finish a few votes ahead of McCleaf for the second nomination, according to the write-in results, although he would need to file a petition to have all the votes credited to him.

Greene Township Supervisor Charles D. (Dave) Jamison Jr. held off a challenge from Keith Weller for the Republican nomination. He also appears to have the votes for the Democratic nomination, although most of the write-in votes he received for Dave Jamison, the name he normally goes by. He was at the courthouse Wednesday to pick up a petition.

Byers said candidates have to petition to have votes consolidated under the name they intend to use on the ballot in the November election.

Hamilton Township Supervisor Randall E. Negley was also at the courthouse picking up a petition. He won the GOP nomination over Barry Sheeder and had 91 Democratic write-ins under several variations and one misspelling of his name. Only 15 votes, however, were for Randall E. Negley as it appeared on the Republican primary ballot, while 20 of Sheeder's 22 write-ins were written the same as on the GOP primary ballot.

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