Tri-State area residents shift into 'Idol'

Blake or Jordin? Locals make their picks

Blake or Jordin? Locals make their picks

May 23, 2007

We asked Tri-State area residents who they thought would win "American Idol" - Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks - and why. Here are there responses:

"Jordin. She's hot. She's young. She knows how to steal the crowd."

- Mike Stevenson, 24, Hagerstown

"I don't think the two finalists can really sing, anyways."

- Sarah Kline, 21, Hagerstown

"Jordin. 'Cuz she got a good voice."

- Jason Williams, 25, Hagerstown

"Jordin. Because I think that all the young teenage girls are going to vote for another young teenage girl with a lot of personality."


- Laura Elmohandes, 41, Hagerstown

"Blake. I think that he's got a little bit more appeal across the age groups and different groups of people."

- Aaron Schooler, 33, Hagerstown

"I think that Blake guy should win. They need a male to lead them to it. All those females won throughout the years."

- Troy High, 40, Hagerstown

"I think Jordin's going to take it. God gave that boy a voice."

- Chris Barthelow, 27, Hagerstown

"It will probably be Jordin. He has a gorgeous voice."

- Anna Roesch, 20, Hagerstown

"Blake ... But I'm just guessing. I don't know."

- David Norris, 21, Hagerstown

"I think Blake might win it. He's got good talent. Jordin's good, too. She's got a chance."

- Betty Kerlin, 68, Hagerstown

"I think Jordin will win because she's ... she's just young, she's very good and she just has that young voice that I think people today like to hear."

- Amanda Leitma, 19, Hagerstown

"I think Jordin 'cause she's got an awesome voice. I mean everything she sings, she can sing it."

- Amy Oliff, 25, Hagerstown

"I'd say Jordin ... just 'cause she sings really good."

- James Reynolds, 28, Hagerstown

"Jordin will win. She is the best. Everyone else looks like they shouldn't even be on the show. You knew that on Day One."

- Jeff Swope, 22, Hagerstown

"Jordin. She's pretty, and she's young."

- Sherri Burleson, 8, Hagerstown

"Jordin. My girl was voted off last week."

- Barb Smith, 58, Hagerstown

"Jordin. I can't stand listening to that ... Blake."

- Chuck Enders, 46, Hagerstown


- Deanna Schleigh, 29, Hagerstown

"Jordin is going to win. But the girl that was the best one got voted off last week."

- Dennis Mummert, 55, Hagerstown

"I think Blake will win. I think he's the best singer between Blake and Jordin."

- Linda Sines, 53, Hagerstown

"He likes Blake, I like Jordin," Ron Moser said. "Blake is very original and every performance is different. She (Jordin) is probably the best natural singer."

- Ron Moser, 35, and son, Tyler Moser, 9, both of Hagerstown

"Jordin Sparks will get more of the votes."

- James Kercheval, 42, Hagerstown

"I don't watch that garbage. When my life becomes so boring that I've gotta watch someone else live theirs, I've got to question my priorities."

- Kristin B. Aleshire, 31, Hagerstown


- Joni Bittner, 50, Williamsport

"One of the contestants that's left."

- Kirk C. Downey, 35, Williamsport

Blake Lewis, "because he doesn't just sing. He's creative ... but I swore off 'American Idol' after Chris Daughtry was voted off last year."

- William Wivell, 42, Smithsburg

"Honestly, I stopped watching that show last year. Too annoying, much too annoying. Overrated, really."

- Dave Danfelt, 36, Smithsburg

"Jordin, because she has never been in the bottom two, I don't think, and she has an amazing voice, and she's more personable that Blake."

- Karen Courter, 22, Clear Spring

"Blake. My husband (Anthony) and I both think Blake is going to win. He's not trying to copycat anyone. He's just original. He's got the beboppin' thing going for him and the moves."

- Amber Keller, 23, Chambersburg, Pa.

"Jordin. I hope she's going to win. My daughter likes her. We'll vote for Jordin."

- Pati Allen, 47, Greencastle, Pa.

"Jordin will win. I like Blake, but he just does too much bebop kind of stuff. I vote for Jordan, and my husband votes for Blake."

- Rita Pittman, 50, Needmore, Pa.

"Blake. I just think he's good. And he's cute."

- Cathy Mendelson, 51, Shippensburg, Pa.

"Jordin. She sings good."

- Hope Foreman, 16, Waynesboro, Pa.

"Jordin. The other guy is so original, but I think Jordin has a better voice."

- Jennifer Peck, 38, Waynesboro, Pa.

"Jordin. I think she's more versatile."

- Maryellen Burker, no age given, Waynesboro, Pa.

"Jordin. She has a good voice, and she's really young."

- Donna Elburn, 39, Zullinger, Pa.

"I think Jordin (will win). I just don't think Blake will win."

- Stephanie Maley, 20, Charles Town, W.Va.

"It could go either way. The person I thought was going to win got (eliminated)."

- Laura Bergmann, 25, Charles Town, W.Va.

"Blake will win because he is different."

- Tyler Giles, 13, Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Jordin Sparks, of course (will win). She's got a really nice tone to her voice."

- Autumn Silva, 21, Kearneysville, W.Va.

"Blake, because he's got the right image, the celebrity image and he's cute. I want him to win."

- Beth Dellinger, 20, Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Blake. I just think he's more charismatic. He has more stage presence."

- Lauren Gregory, 18, Martinsburg, W.Va.

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