Puzzles for gifted readers

May 22, 2007|by ZACH TUSSING

Figure out what this sentence says: Ein ste in on cef ail edam athc lass

Do you enjoy logic puzzles like the one above? Do you like mysteries that are not easy to solve? If so, then "The Mysterious Benedict Society" by first-time author Trenton Lee Stewart is for you.

The story begins with an ad in the newspaper in the small city of Stonetown: "Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?" Many children respond. They take several strange tests, but only four children actually pass them all.

Banding together, the four children must learn each other's strengths and accept their weaknesses, then, together, work to defeat an evil force that threatens to take over society.


"The Mysterious Benedict Society" is a well-thought-out story, with a few interesting twists. At times, it can be a bit hard to follow. But it keeps a fast pace overall.

The book reads as though you are alongside the four children. You are working on mysteries and puzzles at the same time as the main characters. This keeps the novel suspenseful and makes for enjoyable reading.

If you want an entertaining way to keep your brain active this summer, then I suggest joining "The Mysterious Benedict Society."

The book is 485 pages and written for middle-schoolers.

Hint for solving the puzzle in the first sentence: Try breaking the "words" in the sentence in different places.


Einstein once failed a math class.

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