Spider-Man game is way too short

May 08, 2007|by BRAD SMITH

Now everyone can take control of Spider-Man and save New York City, just like Spidey himself.

"Spider-Man 3: The Game," was released on the same day as the movie "Spider-Man 3." Versions were developed for PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and, most importantly, Nintendo Wii. I bought the Wii version, of course.

The game follows the story of the movie for the most part, and also has a few extra side stories to go through as well. Other villains include the Lizard, Shriek, and Morbius the vampire.

The Wii version comes with more special features than just the motion sensor controls. On other platforms, the black suit is only available when the story permits it. But on the Wii, once Peter Parker acquires the black suit passes, you can change back and forth any time you want.


This feature expands your strategy, because the black costume will make you run faster, jump higher and punch stronger. But if it is worn too long, the costume will feed off of your rage and eventually you will black out and wake up in a different part of the city, as if the costume went and had some fun on its own while you were out. Also, the longer it is on, the harder it is to get off.

The motion-sensing Wii controls give a definite advantage over the other platforms' versions of the game. You feel like you are actually in red tights yourself.

Now for the disappointing parts.

It's short. Very short. After you complete the tutorial and the first mission you have already completed 13 percent of the game. Not good. I suppose there is a reason they fill the game with more villains no one's heard of. Also, the cut scenes don't look very good. The people look mutated. This is not the Wii's fault. This is lazy developing.

Aside from the costume and Wii controls, "Spider-Man 3: The Game" doesn't bring much new to the game series. At times it feels like all they did was add those things to the "Spider-Man 2" game.

All in all, the game seems rushed. I'm not saying it's bad. It's not bad. But it should be great. Being a sequel to "Spider-Man 2," the game that revolutionized the superhero game genre, it should be fantastic.

So I give "Spider-Man 3: The Game" 7 mind-controlling suits out of 10.

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