Zeger, Ziobrowski top spenders in county race

May 08, 2007|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Mercersburg (Pa.) Mayor James Zeger was leading the way in raising and spending money heading into the May 15 primary among the dozen candidates for the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, according to campaign financial reports filed with the County Election Board.

The reports, covering the period between Jan. 1 and April 30, showed that Zeger, one of five Democratic candidates, raised $12,593 in contributions and receipts and spent $11,313, leaving a balance of about $1,280 in his war chest.

Zeger also appeared to have the largest number of individual contributions, with about 40 contributors in the $50 to $250 range. His records showed he also contributed more than $2,000 to his own campaign.

Mailings, postage, yard signs and advertising were among the bigger expenses listed by candidates in the reports.

Democrat Bob Ziobrowski raised $11,115 and spent $7,749, leaving him a balance of $3,365. Like several other candidates, Ziobrowski contributed to his own campaign, in his case $8,000 to his committee, according to the report.


Clint Barkdoll, also a Democrat, raised $9,010 and spent $5,978. His campaign reported about $3,000 left at the end of the reporting period. Democrat Cheryl Stearn's report stated she raised $3,043, but spent $5,990, leaving her campaign with a deficit of nearly $3,000.

The only commissioner candidate not to file either a candidate or committee campaign financial report was Don Richards. He had submitted an affidavit to the Election Board with his filing petition indicating that he had spent less than $250.

David S. Keller led Republicans, raising $7,010 and spending $6,152, his report stated.

Incumbent Bob Thomas reported $6,277 already on hand or raised by his committee during the period, with campaign expenses of $4,029. That left a balance of about $2,247, the report stated.

Some Republican candidates were spending more than they raised. Carl Helman spent $4,897 while raising $1,075 and Carl Barton had contributions of $750, compared to expenditures of $5,276.

Sam Cressler reported raising an spending $3,162 in a self-funded campaign, while Ben Statler reported no contributions and $1,569 in expenses. Douglas Tengler raised $1,100 and spent about the same amount, his report stated.

Voters next Tuesday will choose two Republicans from a field of seven candidates and two of the five Democrats to be their party nominees in the November election.

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