Food diary participant shares progress

May 07, 2007|by JULIE E. GREENE

Editor's note: This is part of an occasional series about three Washington County families participating in a food-diary program created by The Herald-Mail and Washington County Health Department. The families are keeping track of their food consumption and exercise for about three weeks. Then they will have food and exercise plans developed for them and will continue to track their food consumption and exercise for a month.

Some of the adult participants in the food-diary program created by The Herald-Mail and Washington County Health Department have earlier experience with dieting.

Lisa Michael, 38, of Williamsport, began Weight Watchers in August.

After her first husband, James Brice, died in October 1997, Michael said she lost 34 pounds in a little more than a year, but she didn't lose it in a healthy way. She was often sick from grief and hadn't been exercising.

After remarrying and having two kids, she regained weight and couldn't get it off after giving birth to Noah, who is now 2. That led her to join Weight Watchers. She has stayed with the program, sometimes eating Weight Watchers products, but often eating other food and counting the points the program assigns to different types of food.


A stay-at-home mom, Michael said she lost 17 pounds from August to December 2006. When she weighed in at the health department off Pennsylvania Avenue on April 19, her 5-foot-2 frame was carrying 192 pounds. She had regained 6 pounds since December, having spent much of the winter cooped up inside.

Staying indoors much of the time made her feel stressed and she began eating more, Michael said.

Now that it's spring, Michael's been doing better exercising, she said.

On April 28, she spent the day walking around Hershey Park. The next day her family went on a 22.5-mile bike ride. Michael rode an electric bike, which still requires pedaling. She pulled her two youngest children, totaling about 60 pounds, in a small trailer.

Michael said she's been doing a good job keeping up with the food diary for her and her three children. Her oldest, Kayla Brice, 10, has been keeping her own diary with mom checking up on her almost daily.

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