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You Said It

May 07, 2007

"I disagree with the caller about the prison teacher winning an award for private schools. Prisons are certainly in the private-school category, except for the lack of privacy. It is pricey at about $30,000 per inmate per year, but you cannot buy your way in, no matter how wealthy. A judge admits you based on your current and historical record. A board of review periodically determines whether you stay or leave. Other than that, the education is comparable. My son attended the private school known as MCTC and earned about 30 college credits. I applaud the schoolteacher who won the award and I thank her."

"If people would actually read the Constitution, they would see that the Second Amendment reads 'A well- regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.' For some reason, all you gun-totin' cowboys seem to think you can just use the part that suits you; that is, the second part. In the 1939 United States v. Miller decision, the Supreme Court ruled that individuals have in effect no right to keep and bear arms under the amendment, but only a collective right having 'some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia.'"


"The pro-gun people are sticking to their theory that if everyone were allowed to carry a concealed weapon, then mass murders would end. If that is true, then world peace should be achieved by arming every country with nuclear weapons, right?"

- Hagerstown

"Oh boy, we have traffic jams, long lines at stores and gas stations, overcrowded schools, broken-up roads, taxes raising by the minute - then the Virginia Council of Churches wants to dump more people here and expect us to help pay for it. That puts the icing on the cake."

- Pondsville

"I agree with Sen. Harry Reid's statements and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's statements about the war in Iraq. The war has gone totally wrong. You do not see Roscoe Bartlett saying anything bad about this war. He needs to break away from the president, and he needs to vote to override the veto, or if he does not do that, he needs to vote for a bill that has benchmarks in it to get our troops home."

- Clear Spring

"To the person in here that said 'Is there any reason to have assault guns?' I think of one good one: To overthrow a tyrannical government. Does anybody remember Ruby Ridge or Waco? If they think the Republicans are bad handling the war, look at the Democrats and what they did in the little fiasco right here in the U.S. What would they be doing right now if they had to deal with anything real?"

"I just read in the Wednesday, May 2, Daily Mail about George Miller, a representative for the Virginia Council of Churches, wants to bring 100 more people by this September, and another 100 by next September, and he wants the county commissioners to put up $15,000. I'm a retiree, a homeowner and a taxpayer, and if those churches want the people to come over here, let them support them. Don't lay it on the old Washington County taxpayer."

"I was just wondering why we're bringing in more refugees, when we have homeless people here, when Holly Place has just barely made it. I support Holly Place every single solitary month, and it just surprises me that we're bringing in outsiders when we haven't taken care of the people that we have here in Hagerstown. I think that needs to be addressed."

- Hagerstown

"I'm a student at Antietam Academy. I can't live without any air conditioning because nobody will pay for it."

- Smithsburg

"I want to commend the County Commissioners for their decision about not promoting this influx of refugees coming into Hagerstown. We have had enough."

"I'm calling in reference to the person that said that our greatest threat to our safety is from the violence we have within our country and not from outside. I don't know where that person was on 9/11, because we weren't doing anything to any countries, and we were trying to be nice to everybody in the world, and all of a sudden they attacked us. And it says the administration has us worried about terrorists so we can ignore the failures at home. Duh? Tell me about it. There's no terrorist threat out there?"

"I'm glad to hear that our county commissioners are finally standing up for the people in this area instead of everybody that we can bring in from everywhere else. Thanks a bunch."

- Washington County

"I just read in the paper here a little while ago or a day or so ago that Congressman Bill Shuster voted against funding the troops in Iraq. With a son in the Marine Corps, I'm very disappointed that he would have voted against funding our military."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"I'm calling to the County Commissioners, in regards to the refugee program. It should draw more than fire. It should draw 100 percent 'no' votes. Washington County needs to take care of its own. Let Virginia churches take those refugees to Virginia or leave them where they are."

- Fairplay

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