Oller House displays student art

May 06, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

WAYNESBORO, PA.-Throughout the month of May, Waynesboro Area Senior High School will host its second annual Art Show, displaying more than 200 pieces of art from students in any of the 24 art classes offered this school year, art teacher Karla Rakszawski said.

Students used mediums such as clay, graphite, scratchboard, wire and cut paper to present their images at the Waynesboro Historical Society's Oller House.

"I think we have an excellent variety of all levels of art and a wide variety of mediums," said art teacher Karen Papouchek, who has worked at Waynesboro for 30 years.

Art classes involved in the show were Art 1, 2, 3 and 4; 3-Dimensional Design; Crafts 1 and 2; Advanced Placement Art; and Independent Study.


Senior Rebecca Graham, who had 10 pieces of art on display, said that her favorite is the teapot and teacup set she made in her ceramics class.

"I like how it looks almost animated and the glaze looks like it's dripping and it's unique," said Graham, who has been interested in art for most of her life and has "taken pretty much every art class in high school."

Graham will attend California University of Pennsylvania as an art education major beginning this fall.

"She's got amazing talent," said Rakszawski, who is in her third year at the high school.

Another student with art at the show was junior Katie Hess.

"I just finished my cut paper with fruit," she said. "I'm relieved with that one."

Hess' two pieces titled "12 Servings Per Day" involved the use of foam board and hundreds of tiny pieces of colored paper that Hess cut out herself.

"I just cut out the fruit, put it on the foam board," drew a design around the fruit and cut the paper to go within the design, said Hess, who has seven of her pieces exhibited at the Oller House.

Sophomore Sara Ballard said that of the three works she had at the art show, her favorite one was her self-portrait on scratchboard.

"My best one is still at school," she said. "(It's) 6 feet tall, so it's hard to get in here."

Ballard began taking art classes in elementary school because they were required, but "got really interested in fifth grade because all my friends were considerably better than me."

"They (Hess and Ballard) are very involved in the art program and very helpful when it comes to getting things done," Rakszawski said.

The art show benefits the Waynesboro Historical Society, whose mission is to "educate people about the past so they know where we are today and where we're going in the future," said Joyce Thompson, who is a member of the society's board of directors.

The Oller House is a Victorian-era house that was built in 1892, with additions in 1910, Thompson said.

The Waynesboro Area Senior High School art show will be on display this month on Wednesdays from 1 to 5 p.m.; Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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