Guide gets governor's name wrong

May 04, 2007|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

The name of the state's top elected official was wrong in a Washington County citizens' guide to government.

Gov. Martin O'Malley was listed in the pamphlet as "Martin O'Malloy."

"Several thousand" copies of the guide were printed, but not with taxpayers' money, Washington County Election Director Dorothy Kaetzel said Friday.

The Washington County Board of Elections gathered information for the guides, and Citicorp paid for them to be printed. Kaetzel wasn't sure of the exact cost; she said it was less than $1,000 - possibly about $300 or $400.

Citicorp spokesman Phil Kelly could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

The guide - which is updated every other year, after elections - has phone numbers for local governments and community organizations. It also lists local, county, state and federal elected officials.


Copies of the peach-colored pamphlet are available in several public places, such as government offices.

Kaetzel said her office is responsible for the contents and, therefore, the error.

"We do proof it and we did not pick up on it," she said.

This is the second time in recent memory that the county guide had the governor's name wrong. Kaetzel said it also happened with Parris Glendening; she thinks the guide listed his first name with one R instead of two.

Was it a coincidence that O'Malley and Glendening, the last two Democratic governors, were wrong in the guide, but Robert Ehrlich, the last Republican, was correct?

In a guide published in a majority Republican county?

Rick Abbruzzese, a spokesman for O'Malley, wasn't suspicious.

"I'm sure it was just a typo," he said.

Kaetzel said she feels bad about the mistake, which no one noticed until it came back from the printer a few months ago. She plans to ask the Board of Elections when it meets Tuesday if it wants to reprint the guide.

A second printing, though, would be at the county's expense.

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