Kelly's Cuts - and more

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

May 03, 2007

"Fight the insurgents and stop the secretarial violence."

Are the secretaries throwing steno pads at each other, or what?

"I'm a listener from Hagerstown . . ."

And what exactly are you listening to, the paper rustling?

"He's been in office over 20-some years or more."

Thanks for being so specific.

"Has anybody heard of the law of littering?"

Is that like the law of gravity? Or does it mean we are legally required to throw our trash on the highways?


"There are no dumb animals - just dumb people."

Actually, animals are smarter because they have the sense not to speak up when they don't know what they're talking about.

"I was just wondering how much of Fort Ritchie went into our landfill."

You mean it's not on top of the mountain any more?

High five to this caller:

"When the smoking ban goes into effect, will that affect the bingo halls? Will we no longer have to put up with the smoking in the bingo halls? And one other thing: I know a boy from Williamsport who would love to have a bicycle, but he tells me his mother can't afford one.

But I see her every week, puffing away on them cigarettes and playing those bingo cards. So why can't this child have a bicycle? Because his mother smokes and gambles."

- Williamsport

"Here we are with warm weather again. Just a reminder for the folks that like to play radios and CD players outside. Remember, your music doesn't stop at your property line. Plus your neighbors may not like your type of music, so be considerate of others."


"About the new school going in Maugansville: Instead of tearing the old one down, why don't they leave that up and make that like the Maugansville library or something like that, and move the road over a few feet? I'm sure a few feet ain't gonna make a difference. Why tear down a perfectly good sound building? They don't build them like that anymore. And it would save on construction costs. Just some food for thought."

- Broadfording Road

From the Washington County Board of Education's Office of Facilities Planning and Development:

"The main entrance driveway for the new Maugansville Elementary runs through the area occupied by the existing school.

"During the conceptual planning of the project, ideas about possible uses of the old school were floated, but because of the amount of work (and associated cost) needed to renovate the old building to bring it up to current standards, no one was interested at that time.

"For that reason, the design process proceeded with utilizing the space where the current building is located as the main entrance way, with the new building positioned behind where the current building is located."

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