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More Than The Score

May 02, 2007

David Strider
Mercersburg Academy
Track & Field

What's your favorite food? Pizza and burgers

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Rocko from "Rocko's Modern Life"

What is your biggest ambition? To be successful in whatever I decide to do

Three people I'd like to have lunch with: Jessica Alba, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rosalyn Sanchez

Who's your favorite musical group or artist? Match and Daddy

The best thing about my school is: My friends

The worst thing about my school is: Homework

My classmates would probably name me 'Most likely to ...': Move to a foreign country

One place I'd most like to visit: Anywhere in Europe


If a genie gave you three wishes, what would they be? To be able to fly, to be the fastest man ever, to have a lot more wishes

When I get a spare moment, I like to: Watch "Lost," play Skat or listen to music

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Will Smith

My favorite cafeteria meal is: Chicken Tenders

My least favorite cafeteria meal is: No idea

One possession I can't live without: My laptop

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