Letter to the editor

April 30, 2007

EMS lawsuit shouldn't have been placed on newspaper's front page

To the editor:

This letter is to criticize your use of the headlines on the front page of your Morning Herald paper on Thursday, April 20.

There was no need to have the story regarding the Smithsburg Emergency Medical Service's pending lawsuit making the headlines of your paper. This article could just as easily been on the inside page and received just as much attention. By being in the headlines on the front page, it only sensationalizes the article and does an injustice to those of us who founded this fine company nearly 28 years ago.

When this incident occurred four years ago, you would have thought the paper would have received enough mileage from the article. I guess now subscriptions are down so you need to sensationalize as much as you can.


This lawsuit is no different than any other that comes down the road in a society that is hell bent on making money off of someone else. So why did it have to make the front- page in headlines?

At a time when most rescue companies in Washington County are getting ready to have their spring fund drives, your paper sort of makes the public hesitate and ask themselves if they should contribute to their local ambulance company.

I think you owe an apology to the current volunteer and career personnel of Smithsburg EMS and to the charter life members as well. This incident involves two persons who are no longer members of the company and two EMS personnel who were on the call.

H. Wayne Williams
Charter and Life Member

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