The Herald-Mail wins 38 Press Association awards

April 28, 2007

The Herald-Mail won 38 awards for news coverage and advertising during the two-day Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association conference.

The newsroom won 20 awards, including 11 first-place awards. Two of the entries won "Best in Show" titles, judged the best of all newspaper entries regardless of divisions.

The Herald-Mail is in Division B, for newspapers with daily circulations between 30,000 and 75,000.

Columnist Tim Rowland won a first place and Best in Show for a local column, "School's measured response to security issue was welcome."

Reporter Karen Hanna, graphic artist Chad Trovinger and associate editor Linda Duffield won a first place and Best of Show for a yearlong series tracking efforts to improve student performance at Bester Elementary School.


The advertising awards were presented Thursday, and the news and photography awards were presented Friday in Ellicott City, Md.

The Herald-Mail, which publishes The Morning Herald, The Daily Mail and The Herald-Mail, submitted news and feature stories, editorials and local columns written in 2006.

Also submitted were photographs, pages and graphics. The advertising department also submitted entries.

The winners are:


·First place, State Government - Karen Hanna for "Glitch slows Medicaid prescription processing"

·First place, Public Service - News staff for "Reporters put school security to the test"

·First place, Education - Hanna, Chad Trovinger and Linda Duffield for "Bettering Bester"

·First place, Arts and Entertainment - News staff for "Blues Fest"

·Second place, Spot News - Don Aines and Dave McMillion for "Three killed in Shepherd shooting"

·Second place, Continuing Coverage - News staff for "Guard shot at hospital, inmate charged"

·Second place, Local Government - Pepper Ballard for "Councilwoman gets ride from police"

·Second place, Arts and Entertainment - Kristin Wilson for "Best in shows"


·First place, Local Column, Critical Thinking - Tim Rowland for "School's measured response to security issue was welcome"

·First place, Local Column, Feature or Humor - Lisa Prejean for "Hectic holiday schedules maybe aren't the best way to celebrate"

·Second place, Local Column, Critical Thinking - Bob Maginnis for "Can we trade this crow for a real budget hawk?"


·First place, Spot News Photo - Joe Crocetta for "Captured"

·First place, Sports Photos - Crocetta for "Second base the hard way"

·bSecond place, Spot News Photo - Erick Gibson for "Sickness in building ties up city"

·Second place, Photo Series - Yvette May for "The family farm"

·Second place, General News Photo - Kevin G. Gilbert for "Three grieving women"


·First place, Sports Story - Dan Kauffman for "Ashway opens season, career in style"

·First place, Sports Column - Mark Keller for "Looking good isn't being good"

Design and Graphics

·First place, Headlines - Arnold Platou for "Better than any udder"

·Second place, Special Section - Staff for "Making a Difference"

Advertising - First place

·Local automotive, black and white or color - Nathan Holmes and Brittney Hamilton for "Calling All Customers"

·Themed feature page - Angie Sease and retail staff for "Thanksgiving Dining"

·10 pounds of stuff in a five pound bag - Robin Straley and Kathy Gelwicks for "Pay No Interest." The ad also won best of category

·Online revenue producer - Advertising staff for "JobFetch"

Advertising - Second Place

·Local retail black and white, less than 1/2 page - Janet Canfield for "We Have Beautiful Displays"

·Local retail color, less than 1/2 page - Straley and Ray Clark for "Memories of Elvis"

·Local retail color, 1/2 page or more - Straley and Gelwicks for "Home Living Sale"

·Local recruitment, black and white or color - Sue Ridenour and Sandy Maginnis for "Job Fair"

·Special section, annual - Staff for "2006-2007 Academic Calendar"

·House promotion ads - Sease for "People Who Make a Difference"

·0 pounds of stuff in a five pound bag - Canfield and Cherish Harvey for "Kline Tours"

Advertising - Third place

·Local retail black and white, less than 1/2 page - Sease and Craig Reichard for "Buy Your Mother's Day Gift Here"

·Local retail color, 1/2 page or more - Kim Bain for "It's not the destination ..."

·Local automotive, black and white or color - Holmes and Hamilton for "17th Annual Tuxedo Sale"

·Niche publication - Our Country Called Book Team for "Our Country Called"

·House promotion ad - Chad Trovinger for "Loop - Are you in?"

·Ad campaign using multiple products - Canessa Collins, Cindy Jones and Ronnie Crampton for "If You Want"

·Wild card - Canfield for "Your Local Furniture ..."

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