Land deal concerns residents on north side of Hagerstown

April 26, 2007|by DAN DEARTH

HAGERSTOWN - A group of residents living on the north side of Hagerstown is concerned that city officials might turn over a portion of their neighborhood to a developer and increase traffic as a result.

Amanda Towne and about 40 of her neighbors attended a Hagerstown Planning Commission meeting Wednesday to tell the city they oppose a proposal to quitclaim the land between the ends of Country Club Road and Woodland Way, just east of the American Legion.

A quitclaim, in this case, would relinquish the city's claim on the property.

Towne, who lives on the north end of Woodland Way, said after the meeting that quitclaiming the property would give the developer access to her street.

If that happens, she said the developer might extend Woodland Way to Northern Avenue, resulting in increased traffic flow through the neighborhood.


"That would cause a lot of accidents," she said.

Oak Hill Avenue and The Terrace are nearby thoroughfares that already intersect with Northern Avenue, she said. Building a third is unnecessary.

One of Towne's neighbors, Jay Balint, said he has no objections to further development in the area.

He said he doesn't mind if Woodland Way is connected to Country Club Road for local traffic. Linking Woodland Way to Northern Avenue, however, would invite too much outside traffic - possibly an additional 1,000 vehicles per day, he said.

Douglas S. Wright Jr., planning commission chairman, said the Planning Commission can only make recommendations concerning the quitclaim. The final decision rests with the mayor and City Council, he said.

The commission forwarded the matter to the council.

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