Making art outside the box

April 24, 2007|by JESSI FULTON

FREDERICK, Md. - The Artists' Gallery in Frederick is wrapping up its annual thinking-outside-the-box fundraising exhibit, "Illusions of the Box," as the closing date - Saturday, April 28 - nears. Actually, only a few pieces in the show are outside a box. Other pieces are inside a box or sliced through a box or on top of a box.

The concept of The Artists' Gallery this month is a box show. The restrictions were kept to a minimum in order to maximize creativity. Artists were allowed to sign up for the gallery and make a box at home. The rules for the gallery are simple: Your artwork should involve an 8-inch-by-8-inch wooden box.

Boxes are displayed at the gallery and put up for auction. The money goes toward The Artists' Gallery.

The show is an amazing sight. When you first enter, brilliant shades of magenta and red light catch your eye. Then, as you approach the boxes, there are tassels and jeweled touches for your eyes to enjoy. Witty inscriptions and silly concepts are everywhere.


"Would you Eat Them in a Box?" by Joyce Swartz is a Dr. Seuss-themed entry made of wood and Styrofoam. Swartz modeled it after the book "Green Eggs and Ham," with green eggs and ham inside the orange-painted box. The box is filled with wonderful memorabilia.

Some boxes are interactive. For instance, "Chess Box" by Shelly Stevens and Daniel Whitehouse is a checkered box magnetized so the pieces surrounding it can be played. "Chess Box" has four smaller sections within the box that visitors can take out and use as a flat chessboard. Also, game pieces are made out of the box.

Regina Kaiktsian started her entry, "Old Tale," with an 8-inch-by-8-inch clay cube. Her box had been flattened and carved with mosaic tiles around the side. Clay tablets are sketched with mystical designs to portray the beauty of an earlier time. Etched along the center are angels and stars.

These boxes are only some out of more than 20 works of art, decorated with a variety of media - paint, wire, cloth, even fluorescent lights.

The Artists' Gallery will exhibit "Illusions of the Box" through Saturday, April 28.

If you go ...

WHAT: "Illusions of the Box" art show and auction

WHERE: The Artists' Gallery, 4 E. Church St., Frederick, Md.

WHEN: Noon to 5 p.m. Friday, April 27, and Saturday, April 28. Concludes Saturday.

COST: Free admission; artwork is available for purchase through auction.

CONTACT: Call 301-696-8187.

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