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Not a fairy tale, just a good film

April 24, 2007|by SARA MARTENS


"In the Land of Women" is an excellent film that I believe everyone can enjoy. This movie centers around 26-year-old Carter, a writer suffering with writer's block. Then his girlfriend breaks up with him.

So he leaves his life in Los Angeles and goes to stay with his grandmother in suburban Michigan, who is convinced that she is dying even though doctors say there is nothing wrong with her.

Carter meets Sarah, the woman next door who just found out she has breast cancer. They share an unlikely friendship as they discuss their lives during walks around the neighborhood. Living with Sarah are her daughters - Lucy, a teenager who is trying to sort through her emotions toward her mother and her sort-of boyfriend, and Paige, a young girl who is smart for her age and is fascinated by Carter and Lucy's lives. From all these women - Sarah, Lucy, Paige and even his crazy grandmother - Carter learns about life and how he wants to live his.


I loved "In the Land of Women." It covers all the stages of a person's life and I believe that everyone can learn from it. This movie could be anyone's life and there is something everyone can connect to, whether it's Lucy's emotional turmoil, Sarah's strength, Carter's confusion, Paige's fascination or the grandmother's eccentric quirks and brutal honesty.

One difference between this and other inspirational films I've seen is that this movie is so realistic. This is about people dealing with real issues that face ordinary people and is done in a way that doesn't come across as shallow or staged.

Also there is no happily-ever-after, fairy-tale-come-to-life ending. People move on and live their lives. This movie clearly displays how people affect each other and the cycles-of-life lessons we learn from the people around us.

It wasn't all serious. There were plenty of comic moments sprinkled throughout the film.

I would most certainly recommend this film. It is humorous enough to amuse most teens while at the same time it deals with modern issues that teens and adults can relate to rather than some hyped-up Hollywood film relaying an idealistic fantasy or an against-all-odds romance. "In the Land of Women" has something for everyone, young or old.

Another aspect I enjoyed about the film is that it ends with hope. The final scene shows Carter writing at a diner and talking with the waitress. The movie ends with a possibility, the same way life is. As one chapter of life ends, we begin the next with hope.

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