Deed conveyances for Washington County

April 23, 2007

This is a partial list of March deed conveyances in Washington County. Additional listings will appear in future HomeSource editions.

US Home Corporation, 17609 Potter Bell Way, Hagerstown, to Alvaro F. Cayzedo Et Al, for $172,250.

US Home Corporation, 17605 Potter Bell Way, Hagerstown, to Alvaro F. Cayzedo Et Al, for $172,250.

NVR Inc., 13857 Emerson Drive, Hagerstown, to Andrew J. and Victoria J. Lobley, for $508,615.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 109 Burton Way, Boonsboro, to Joshua D. and Jennifer M. Hampton, for $338,365.

Kyle S. and Stephanie Daniels, 17219 Tamarack Drive, Williamsport, to Christopher and Ambar Kifer, for $263,000.

Duane E. Browning, 438 N. Prospect St., Hagerstown, to Travis J. and Daniel J. Devine, to $100,000.

Kathy Wardrick, 8 Thompson Court, Boonsboro, to Toni L. and Fidel Rutz, for $340,000.

Jeffrey N. Crampton, 826 Pope Ave., Hagerstown, to Brian Jacobs, for $146,300.

Mark E. Droneburg, 264 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Christopher S. Troutman, for $105,000.


Mark E. Droneburg, 266 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Christopher S. Troutman, for $63,800.

T&M Builders Inc., 8126 Barnes Road, Boonsboro, to Frances Somers Mattison, for $499,900.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 753 Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Amie S. Hersh, for $199,999.

Dennis E. Weikert, 3643 Chestnut Grove, Keedysville, to Donald W. and Delores A. Greenwalt, for $285,000.

Philip E. Bloom, 11311 Marbern Road, Hagerstown, to Donald Lee Rough, for $265,000.

Marietta Evelyn Mosby, 339 Jonathan St., Hagerstown, to Wayne E. Leekins, for $66,000.

Jeffrey R. O'Connor, 57 Johnson Terrace, Smithsburg, to Joshua M. and Adrienne N. Evans, for $229,900.

Jorge Cifuentes, 912 Lanvale St., Hagerstown, to Vanessa Tuner, for $150,000.

Erin L. Wilson, 18126 Samuel Circle, Hagerstown, to William R. Alvarez, for $379.903.

Eugene S. Albert Jr., 17022/17926 Broadfording Road, Hagerstown, to Michael D. Eby Et Al, for $345,000.

Ransom G. and Linda R. Doyle, 10726 Oak Forest Drive, Hagerstown, to Maricar Deleon, for $264,000.

Benedicto and Brunilda Peralta, 612 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Tony Ferriera, for $225,000.

Woodrow W. Atwood Jr., 13337 Millstone Circle, Hancock, to Glen C. and Karen E. Clusman, for $167,375.

Michael R. Porter, 12 McKeldin Drive, Boonsboro, to Kevin Horst, for $225,000.

Kathryn Betty McEnroe, 13410 Cherry Tree Circle, Hagerstown, to Bryan and Mary C. Ervin, for $244,900.

Jean Woods, 13286 Mummert Road, Clear Spring, to Joan M. McKean, for $279,900.

Steven L. Powell, 415 Reynolds Ave., Hagerstown, to Deborah A. Bauer, for $178,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 745 Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Joeann Limes, for $204,990.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 747 Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Collin L. and Monica S. Broholm, for $239,845.

Tyree A. and Richard H. Haden, 12835 Point Salem Road, Hagerstown, to Big & Little E LLC, for $177,500.

Larry N. and Theresa N. Nave, 10718 Greenwich Drive, Williamsport, to Cassandra D. and Mark A. Baker, for $269,000.

Steven L. Powell, 417 Reynolds Ave., Hagerstown, to Steven E. Jr. and Jessica V. Lease, for $188,500.

Joseph E. Buckles, 307 Sunbrook Lane, Hagerstown, to Stephen H. and Evelyn B. Aronow, for $205,000.

Timothy R. Burrier, 7 W. Douglas Court, Smithsburg, to F. Jacob Doyle, for $199,500.

TBS Investments LLC, 138 E. Antietam St., Unit 202, Hagerstown, to Michael R. Rawlett, for $152,900.

US Home Corporation, 14003 Seneca Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Tisha L. and Darryl K. Lindsey, for $309,990.

Jason Goldberg, 112 Summer St., Hagerstown, to Larry L. Forrest Jr., for $132,000.

Lyle S. and April J. Firnhaber, 1028 Harpers Ferry Road, Knoxville, to David S. Woods Sr., for $150,000.

Rhoda Jane Christmas, 309 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Natasha L. Arnall, for $112,000.

Manor House Builders LLC, 10343 Bridle Court, Hagerstown, to Kolawole O. and Temitayo F. Moses, for $250,000.

Dale L. Hamilton, 113/115 Randolph Ave., Hagerstown, to Steven D. Failor, for $195,900.

Eugene S. Albert Jr., 1030 Kuhn Ave., Hagerstown, to Donald E. and Cheryl S. Wilson, for $275,000.

Cassandra Dee and Mark A. Baker, 18361 Woodside Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey W. and Laura K. Horning, for $269,900.

Richard A. and Kristina L. Davis, 165 Stanford Road, Hagerstown, to David Benjamin Jones, for $315,000.

John M. Bowman, 1306 Cedarwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Jason A. McMillan, for $158,000.

Larry T. and Jean A. Kuntz, 10030 Pleasant View Drive, Hagerstown, to Randall L. and Lorie A. Hart, for $302,500.

Diane M. and Dennis c. Talbert, 16109 McGregor Drive, Hagerstown, to Joseph A. and Phillip L. Harrell, for $145,000.

Alice Mae Drake, 19127/19131 Getting Road, Keedysville, to Warren D. and Martha J. Patterson, for $166,000.

Woodbridge Land Company LLC, 20609 Woodbridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Mohamadou Bah, for $508,000.

Lancaster Craftsmen Builders Inc., 20111 West Stone Court, Keedysville, to Tracy and Gerald McLaine, for $699,900.

MR Conrad Investments LLC, 13828 Ideal Circle, Hagerstown, to Lynn M. Litzinger, for $426,000.

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