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April 23, 2007

Last week's question:

Recently, Washington County school officials reported on steps they're taking to create a "world-class" school system. Is this just a job for school officials, or do students and parents have a role, too?

· I feel parents, students and teachers should all take responsibility for the school system. Committees should be formed in each school to include parents, teachers and students. Everyone would have something to bring to the table at one meeting with officials, maybe every three months. The teachers cannot do everything and teach, too.

· Everyone has a role. As long as a child doesn't have "slow" issues this school system is fine. If a child has special needs, Washington County school officials don't have a system. Everyone should be able to participate in a system for their child, including grandparents.


· Everyone has a role, including The Herald-Mail. It has done a poor job of providing objective information about school system performance. All they do is take a press release from the school system and republish it.

The editorialists are even worse. The Herald Mail needs to print the truth in order for any progress to be made.

· Of course all who are involved with the schools have a role in the success of the education experience! What will next week's ridiculously obvious question be?

· Didn't they already declare that we had a world-class school system several years ago? Isn't this like the "Mission Accomplished" claim also made several years ago? We are definitely paying enough for a world-class school system, but the leadership that is currently in place will never get us there. They are too focused on teaching to the state tests.

· It sounds good but we all know it will never happen. It costs money to do what they want. The first step is to get better teachers who care about education and not just collecting a paycheck.

Our students are not getting the education they need to get good jobs and be positive members of the work force. Once again, it all starts at home. Parents need to be more involved in their kids' education and push them to do the right things.

· Let's agree: The Washington County Commissioners have done no oversight of WCPS, ever; the current superintendent thinks that "world-class" means better than Baltimore; and the teachers and other school system employees are afraid to tell parents the truth. Parents must teach their children what the schools fail to teach.

· As Johnny Cash used to sing: "I don't like it but I guess things happen that way."

·What's the point of this blog?

· The point of this blog is to try to educate very gullible county residents about the school system. There is a big difference between stating the facts and "sitting and whining about it." Tell me the name of just one person, not employed by WCPS, who got out there and made a difference.

· It truly does take a village to raise a child. Yes, it takes money, but it also takes a community that really does give a rat's hoo-ha about having an education system that the community can be proud of - instead of the "work in progress" that it has been for more than the 10 years! Get it together, BOE, and either take measures needed to make the system the best it can be or get out of the way for those who can.

· There was an excellent letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago presenting the real facts about the lack of performance on the part of the school system and the incredible increase in the money that has been spent for this poor performance. I also agree with another previous post about the lack of objective information presented by The Herald-Mail. I guess they want to protect their major advertiser (BOE) by not bringing out any bad information about them..

· With the bias shown by The Herald-Mail in reporting on the public schools in Washington County, their headline should read "The Herald Mail - A Subsidiary of the Washington County Public School Information Office" How about telling the truth about the school system for once?

· "Politics" comes into play when our tax dollars are not being used efficiently for education. The oversight that should be there isn't.

· Close all the schools and teach them at home. If the parents can't teach them better than they are being taught in public school, then let them live as they have learned. Give the families who teach their own children a $10,000 tax credit each year they are in home school. I bet that would make the school districts think hard about their proposal.

· Separation of school and state is the only real solution. Only when parents begin to pull their children out of the public indoctrination system in large enough numbers, to home-school or privately educate their children, will you start to see any meaningful reform. You will also have to break the back of the all-too-powerful teachers union.

· The phrase "world class" is used by Dr. Morgan and the school system to delineate a goal, not as a current outcome.

· You want the newspaper to go after the school system, yet when they sent reporters to see if they could get past security and into various schools, they were excoriated for making news rather than reporting news. In that context, they were certainly not the minions of the school system.

· The other comments about the below average results are much closer to reality than many people know. That letter to the editor that was mentioned earlier really struck a raw nerve, but the facts in it were all right on. It was quite revealing and embarrassing. Didn't anyone find it the least bit odd that there was no rebuttal from either the staff or the elected members?

This week's question:

W. Edward Forrest of the Washington County School Board is resigning to take another job. What kind of person should replace him?

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