Tax deadline extended again

April 21, 2007|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

The deadline for filing federal and state taxes has been extended again.

The IRS and the Maryland Comptroller's Office said Thursday that tax filers now have until midnight at the end of Thursday, April 26.

The latest extension was granted because of a major storm that hit the Northeast on Sunday and Monday.

IRS spokesman Jim Dupree said the storm knocked out power for many people. Some also were affected by canceled airplane flights, he said.

"We're really following the IRS," said Christine Duray, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Comptroller's Office.

Duray said the extension only is meant for people actually affected by the storm, but conceded that the comptroller's office has no way to know.


Federal and state tax returns traditionally are due by April 15.

This year, though, April 15 fell on a Sunday. The following day was a holiday in Massachusetts, which processes East Coast federal tax returns, so the deadline was moved to April 17.

On Wednesday, federal and state agencies pushed the deadline to midnight at the end of April 19, also because of the storm.

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