Letters to the Editor

April 21, 2007

Suggestions for the Opinion page

To the editor:

In an April 11 article, Bob Maginnis, the editor of the editorial page asked: "Is there something else that we could be doing to not only share our views, but to encourage a new crop of readers to join the debate?"

I think the editorial page is consistently the best part of The Herald-Mail newspapers. Having stated the obvious, I believe that there are changes that could be made that would make the editorial page better. And I commend Maginnis for asking this question.

Everyone's time is limited and I have not yet felt the desire to view videos and/or listen to audios that accompany the stories - so, as far as I am concerned, those changes have not improved the delivery of the news.


Many of the "letters to the editor" are thought provoking and interesting, but I ignore the too-many letters which have religious themes. There are many religious opinions and no one can prove that his opinion is the only correct one. May God forgive me, but I believe that the letters that have religious themes should be relegated to either the Web site or to a "religious page."

Some of the poll questions on local topics are excellent, but some of the questions are very poor and/or very poorly worded. This feature should be retained, but please give a lot more thought to formulating the poll questions.

The "online chats" have become free public-relations venues for the guests. I have participated in several "online chats" and I was recently told that when there are too many questions for the guest to answer in the allotted time that the guest decided which questions he would answer. The chats always include several soft and easy questions from the "moderator" - whose identity is unknown to the readers.

There are 43 departments and agencies listed on the detailed department directory on the county government's Web site. I would like to read articles written by the heads of these departments and agencies so that I could learn more about county government.

The organization and operation of Washington County Public Schools are mysteries to almost all county residents. I would like to read well written, factual articles that explain exactly what we have gotten - the good, the bad and the ugly - for all the money we have contributed.

Thanks for the opportunity to try to shape the contents of the editorial page.

Daniel Moeller


Vote Ziobrowski in Pa. primary

To the editor:

With the local primary election less than a month away, it is time for both parties to give serious thought to which candidates are most capable and deserving of their nominations. All five Democrats running for county commissioner deserve consideration for the two nominations of their party in the May 15 primary, but in my judgment Bob Ziobrowski is clearly the outstanding candidate.

Ziobrowski's college education in business and economics and his experience as a certified real estate appraiser provide him with an exceptionally good background for issues facing this fast-growing county.

Even more impressive, he has served the county selflessly and well in a variety of important roles, including six years on the Chambersburg (Pa.) Hospital Board and now as its chairman, as well as being a member of the Chambersburg Borough Planning and Zoning Commission.

He also added strength to the Chambersburg Area School Board as a member and then its president, sparking discussion and fostering consensus rather than conflict. He has no doubt spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in the various positions in which he has served without compensation.

At age 56, Ziobrowski is mature, married and the father of two adult sons. A native of Chambersburg, he was educated in the local public schools and was president of the high school student government. He is unusually well-qualified to serve with distinction as a county commissioner.

William N. Wingerd

Chambersburg, Pa.

Vandals don't deserve attention

To the editor:

I am writing in response to your April 14 article titled "Leaving a mark."

There was a time when defacing a building was simply referred to as vandalism and a kid with a spray-paint can was a just a delinquent. It's a shame that the paper has chosen instead to make it front page news, complete with illustrations, catchy headlines and references to taggings, homicide codes and gang names.

By doing so, you have provided a spotlight and legitimacy the individuals do not deserve, and perpetuated the false idea of an unsafe, crime-ridden Hagerstown.

David Layton


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