Kelly's Cuts - and more

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

April 19, 2007

"Read the Ten Commandments over. If you don't know them, you can find them somewhere."

I found them on eBay, of course.

"He got a slap on his toes for his mistake."

Where were his wrists?

"Take notice of how poorly they replace themselves: Poorly, unprofessional; they don't talk right."

If they don't talk correctly, they should be replaced.

"I'm gonna cancel my prescription, and I hope everybody else does that don't get their paper on time."

Please don't stop taking your medicine just because your paper is late.

"People need to look at theirself when they're driving."

So that's what all those mirrors are for.


Reader questions

"I know that the Washington County parks and recreation department is responsible for maintaining the tennis courts and the tracks at some of the schools. What else are they responsible for maintaining? Does it come out of the county budget or does it come out of the BOE budget?"

- Halfway

Some of the tennis courts are owned by the county and others are Washington County Public Schools property. The work done on the WCPS tennis courts is by WCPS maintenance department employees. The tracks are WCPS property. Some situations might require specialty work on the track surfaces to be contracted out.

"On background checks, does the Washington County schools system check the state databases only, or do they also go to the national ones - the FBI's national crime information center?"

- Hagerstown

Information from the school system indicates that background checks are very thorough, and include national checking through FBI data.

"High five" to these callers:

"I'm calling in regards to this Mrs. Reinken and her getting off so light with cruelty to horses. No way could anybody care for 72 horses; properly feed them, worm them, do their dental care, their blacksmith work and everything.

"I just think it's terrible for somebody to have that many animals and not give them a proper home and care and feeding and everything, and then to put our courts and our Humane Society more than $100,000 in charges that they've been charged with.

I really feel she should have to sell her farm and pay these expenses herself. I just am really upset about the whole thing, and I just think that anybody that can't care for animals, please don't have them. Thank you."

- Hagerstown

"I'm calling about all these women not being able to afford dental care for themselves and their kids. It doesn't cost much when you're young or at any age to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste. It's called dental hygiene. Encourage it in your children, and they'll have their teeth when they're old. Thank you."

- Hagerstown

Kelly Moreno is an editorial assistant at The Herald-Mail.

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